The Truth About Low Fat Diet – Does It Work, Or Is It A Myth?

With everyone around the world being so crazy about low fat foods, you must really be wondering whether a low fat diet really works, right? You probably would have become skeptical of all the low fat labels around, and you have good reason to do so.

In fact, this article will reveal the absolute truth about a low fat diet, and whether what you are eating is really able to help your body.

1. What Exactly Is “Low Fat”?

I’m sure you know by now that a low fat diet encourages you to eat foods with less fats. The truth is, food companies also know that consumers are looking to avoid fatty foods, and they know that having the “low fat” label on their packaging will improve their chances of sales and competitiveness.

So what happens is, many of these companies will remove the fat content from their products, but include more refined carbohydrates and sugars to maintain the taste of their food. You are probably eating a lot of refined carbohydrates if you follow a low fat diet.

2. What Are Refined Carbohydrates? Are They Good For The Body?

Refined carbohydrate is a substance that your digestive system converts into glucose. It is then distributed throughout your body by the blood, and this glucose provides your body with the energy you need to work and play. If your body does not need the energy immediately, they will be stored in glycogen stores in your muscles first. If however, all your glycogen stores are full because you are a less active person, the glucose will be converted into fats.

3. What Happens If You Consume Too Much Refined Carbohydrates?

By following a low fat diet, it is highly likely that you will eat more refined carbohydrates than your body needs. Unless you are a very active person, a lot of the refined carbs you eat will be converted into fats.
Low fat dairy products, like low fat milk, yogurt, and cheese, are healthier because they do not contain refined carbohydrates.

4. Refined Carbohydrates Are Addictive Too!

Other than being stored in your body as fats, refined carbohydrates are very addictive. By consuming too much of them, your body will crave for more high sugar foods, often at times when you are not hungry.

5. Why A Low Fat Diet Is Not Really Low Fat

If you see a food packaging with a low fat label the next time you are out shopping, you should make sure to also check the amount of carbohydrates and sugar that it contains. Having understood the role of the refined carbohydrate, you should know now that there is not much difference between eating large amounts of fat and large amounts of sugar.

6. Conclusion

This article has explained why low fat diets may not necessarily help you to lose fats and weight. Not only does your body health not improve, you may be missing out on many important nutrients for your body. If you want to learn the diet that I have used to get rid of my overweight status, you should visit the website link below to learn the right types of food that I eat.

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