The Mayo Clinic Diet, New Years Resolutions Were Never This Easy

So your New Year’s Resolution is to lose weight and eliminate that unsightly holiday belly bulge is it? Well “The Mayo Clinic Diet” just might be the ticket and you know New Years Resolutions were never this easy when I was a kid. With a name and reputation like Mayo Clinic, well it sure sounds good. But you seem skeptical; is it because you have tried all the other diets before and still no luck yet?

The Atkins got boring and that simply was not going to work long term. The South Beach Diet, now that was sure trendy. You even bought the book didn’t you? Didn’t you? Don’t lie, it’s okay, I did too. Sure we all lost 15 pounds on that one and it lasted longer than the others, it wasn’t so bad. But those pounds slowly came back; didn’t they? Sure they did, that’s okay, me too!

Let me propose the Mayo Clinic Diet, give it a shot and let me tell you why. First this diet has been available for about 30 years. It does not work for everyone, but it has worked for many and might work for you too. Is the Mayo Clinic really endorsing this diet? Yes, previously they had originated it and it seems to resurface every year about this time after the holidays when dieting becomes trendy. So what do you have to lose besides a few extra pounds, so give it a shot why don’t ya? You really need to do this in 2006.

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