The Best Life Diet – How Bob Greene’s Best Life Diet Helped Oprah Lose Weight

Fitness guru Bob Greene’s Best Life Diet is a proven eating-plan and lifestyle guide that has helped many people lose weight. Talk-show host Oprah Winfrey has been one of the Best Life Diet‘s most well-known and talked about success stories. Here is how Bob Greene’s diet worked for Oprah -and can work for you too.

The Best Life Diet works in three phases.

The Best Life Diet: Phase One

Phase one is called “The Rev Up”. During this phase, Oprah increased her physical activity, developing a regular exercise regimen. First, she determined what level on Greene’s Activity Scale was appropriate for her. The scale, ranging from 0 to 5, helps Best Life dieters see how much more exercise they will need to get. Once you determine how active you are, you can see how much more exercise you need.

While increasing her activity, Oprah made sure to limit her food intake to three meals and one snack a day, with 25 to 30 percent of her calories coming from the meals. She also eliminated all alcohol consumption, had a glass of water with every meal, took a multi-vitamin and stopped eating two hours before bed. It is crucial to follow the guidelines of this stage, as they form a bedrock for your weight loss and future health.

After four weeks, Oprah weighed herself and saw that her weight hadn’t changed. That meant she was ready for phase two. If she had lost about a pound a week, she would have had to stay in phase one for a few more weeks.

The Best Life Diet: Phase Two

During the seond phase, Oprah eliminated six fattening foods and replaced them with healthier choices. She avoided all soft drinks, foods containing trans fat, fried foods, white bread, regular pasta, and high-fat dairy such as cheese, whipped cream and ice cream. She replaced white bread and pasta with whole grain bread and pasta, which is far more beneficial for your body because it doesn’t contain white flour. She continued to exercise and monitor her weight loss. If she felt she wasn’t losing enough, she would have increased her exercise. This phase should last about four weeks for most people, as it did for Oprah. But if you need to you can extend this phase for a longer time or cut more calories from your diet. This should be the peak weight loss phase.

The Best Life Diet: Phase Three

The third phase of Bob Greene’s Best Life Diet is called “The Happy Ever After” Stage, and that’s exactly what it means! It involves maintaining the changes made in phases one and two, carefully monitoring your weight and sticking to an appropriate exercise program, just like Oprah! The best thing about stage three is that you can reincorporate some of the foods you avoided in the first two stages, treats like pizza, chocolate and cheeseburgers. The important part of stage three is to always keep good tabs on your weight and health, visit a doctor regularly, and return to the first two stages if you need to lose weight again. [] — Health Solutions To Your Health Concerns []

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