Popular Fad Diets – A Unique Experience

A fad diet helps to reduce weight. Usually a fad diet may help the dieter to shed five to ten pounds of weight. However, a fad diet is a temporary solution for obesity. Once the weight is lost, the reduced weight is to be maintained; otherwise the dieter may gain the wait again.

Maintain the Weight Lost by Means of a Fad Diet

While dieting, the dieter goes through prolonged periods of starvation. As a result, when the dieting is over and considerable weight is lost, most of the dieters go through binge eating to satisfy their taste buds and urge to eat. Their craving for the food makes them eat even larger quantities of food than what they used to consume before having started with their fad diet. Sadly enough, it makes them fatter than what they were before they had begun dieting. So if the dieters keep a control over their eating habits even after losing the weight successfully, they will be able to maintain it successfully too.

Popular Fad Diets to Choose From

Atkins Diet: This is often treated as the most popular and the most effective of the fad diets. It offers meals rich in proteins and does not want the dieter to go through the painful experience of starvation. The meals usually include cheese, beef, chicken, bacon, turkey eggs, and snacks including pork rinds.

Atkins diet has helped the researchers to develop a few other types of diets such as South Beach Diet, and Zone Diet. The diet plans offered by these recommend balanced diets in moderation and suggest unprocessed meals that are, of course, low in calories intake.

Seven Days Diet: This fad diet allows a different menu every day of the week. On one day it may be vegetables only. Next day, only the fruits, … and so on. The dieter can eat to his/her heart’s content, but from the offered food group only.

Snickers Diet: It is a fad diet that allows the dieter to consume only Snicker candy bars along with cups of coffee or glasses of water. It is obvious that with this kind of diet, the weight loss will be much faster when compared with any other kind of fad diet, but the health hazards cannot be ignored.

Cabbage Soup Diet: As the name suggests, the dieter would be allowed a fad diet that provides cabbage soup. The ingredients in the soup are cabbage, onion and celery.

Above mentioned diets are some of the most popular fad diets, but the list of such fad diets can be longer. One should always choose the type of diet to control his/her obesity after consulting a certified dietician.

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