Finding the Best Diet Plan – How to Find a Plan That Works

Finding the best diet plan available today is really pretty easy.

Now that medical science understands how weight control really works; and how the body reacts to dieting; finding the best diet plan is a matter of looking to see which diets are built around the known medical facts concerning weight loss.

You see, today, medical science really has discovered how weight loss really works, and that means that science has created an easy diet plan.

The “age-old” method of calorie counting is no longer the diet plan of choice; in fact it is the one plan most likely doomed to failure from the start. This type of weight loss plan is simply too restrictive and too hard to follow. Gone are the days of walking around hungry most of the time in an effort to lose weight.

Remember; in finding the best diet plan; we need to take advantage of what science now knows about dieting.

There are diets based upon the hypothesis that almost all weight gain is the result of eating carbohydrates that are more easily stored as fat than burned as fuel. There is some truth to this supposition and some people have success with these “no-carb” diets; at least in the short term. But weight loss; and then; weight control; is not a short term proposition.

Other weight loss programs maintain that weight gain is primarily the result of consuming the wrong types of carbohydrates. These “low-carb” diets also work for some people; again in the short term. I personally had some good success with one of these diets; but when I entered the “maintenance” phase of the plan; the weight started returning. I realized fairly early on that this type of plan is really very largely just a “new” version of calorie counting; as it places much emphasis on portion control.

So if the weight loss programs above are not the answer; is finding the best diet plan – an easy diet – really simple? Yes, it is; and here is why.

One weight loss plan is based upon known medical facts about how the body responds to dieting. The burning of calories is a function of the metabolism. The metabolism adjusts itself to what it is accustomed to. Most diets involve a sudden decrease in the number of calories consumed. This shocks the body; and the result is that the body slows the metabolism in order to conserve calories. So by eating fewer calories; our bodies burn fewer calories. That is why weight loss used to be hard.

The most popular weight loss plan available today is based upon the concept of “calorie shifting”. Calorie shifting employs techniques that keep the metabolism “off balance” so that it does not recognize the reduction in caloric intake and in turn; slow down.

Calorie shifting diets require that you eat often; and that you vary the types of foods you eat and the times at which you eat them. This is how a calorie shifting weight loss plan prevents the metabolic slow down that accompanies other diets. An added benefit is that with this type of diet; eating often means that you never walk around feeling hungry. That really makes this plan easy to stick with; which equals success.

If you would like to know more about finding the best diet plan; and see the most popular weight loss program available today; then please follow the link below.

Aren’t you ready to try an easy diet?

Look Good. Feel Good. Be Good.

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