Dieting: Success Vs. Failure


What do you think is the percentage of people who successfully complete a dieting plan? Would you believe it is just about 2%? That is right, more than 97% are unable to see their diet plans through to the end. Why is this so?

To understand this, let’s probe a little deeper into the working of your own body. The fact is that the human body itself is capable of solving this riddle. The Human body is a complex, self-sufficient machine capable of managing its affairs on its own. It has an independent defence and immune system.

If proper conditions are maintained, the body is capable of setting right any wrong that could have developed in any part and this includes excess fat stored in the body as a result of over eating and inadequate expenditure of energy. Now, the question is, what are the conditions required for the body to function properly and get rid of the excess fat and lose weight.

The body has many regulatory, filtering and excretory organs which are capable of keeping the body at an optimum weight level. But the continuous overload of junk processed food and toxins in the diet and daily living has damaged the functioning of many of these organs, resulting in their malfunction and consequent weight gain.

Faulty diet, polluted environment and stressful living unknowingly introduce a lot of toxins into the body system and it is not to be doubted that these toxins will create problems in one way or another.

So, a good weight loss program must begin with detoxification. Without detoxification, there will be no permanent possibility of sustained weight loss. This is the main reason that many diet plans fail.

There has to be a three way process to be followed to accomplish this detoxification.

1) Remove toxins: This is to be achieved through the breath, through the excretory organs and through the skin.

2) Burn fat: This is to be achieved by increased metabolism, by way of exercises and specific fat burning food additives.

3) Make your body inhospitable to excess fat by optimizing the functioning of the fat burning organs of the body viz. Thyroid, Liver etc. Yoga will be very beneficial in achieving this.

If these principles are followed then anyone and any system of dieting can achieve success.


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