7 Secrets to Soaring Self-Esteem and the Weight Loss Connection

Intrinsic to a happy life, good self-esteem also makes a difference between ‘success’ and ‘failure’ in reaching any goal in life, whether that be losing weight, getting fitter, getting a dream job or becoming wealthier!

Being more aware of your thoughts and behaviours, as well as talking positively to yourself – with no negative self-chatter – is a sure step forward towards higher self-esteem which ultimately means greater success at losing weight, getting healthier and staying that way.

We’ve put together these 7 Secrets to Soaring Self-Esteem in order to improve your self confidence and help you succeed with your weight loss or any other goal you’ve set yourself.

1 – Eat well and exercise to nourish your body and wonder at the miracle of its extraordinary design.

2 – Put your shoulders back, hold your head up high, smile and walk tall – you can be so proud of who you are.

3 – Stop comparing yourself with others. Choose to be the premium version of you and focus on that.

4 – You are every bit as attractive as you feel – don’t get stuck on what you see in the mirror. Accentuate your best physical features, and accept and love the others.

5 – Enthuse! Get curious! You will feel energised and exude vitality.

6 – Use affirmations to reinforce positive thoughts and feelings about yourself and your life.

7 – Live your life, enjoy yourself and recognise the inner qualities that make you the amazing, inspirational person you are.

Wow – don’t suppose you’re single are you?! ;o)

Claire Raikes is co-founder of [http://www.DailyBread365.com], the ‘Body & Soul Nutrition’ community for women who want to ‘feel good forever’. Having ‘cured’ herself of a chronic, disabling and life-threatening bowel condition without the use of steroids, surgery or any other traditional medical intervention, Claire has partnered with Registered Nutritionist Lucy-Ann Prideaux MSc BSc RNutr to share the message that a healthier, happier YOU begins on the inside! Be inspired, watch this: [http://www.theFeelGoodMovie.net]

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