The Nutritional Health Benefits of Tocotrienols

Before we discuss the benefits of Tocotrienols, we will first tak about Tocotrienols as a nutrient.

Tocotrienols belongs to one or two groups of molecules belonging to the Vitamin E family. There is another group called tocopherals- called tocols.

There are four natural tocotrienols called alpha, beta, gamma, and delta). They have unsaturated isopronoid or farnesyl side chain with three double bonds. Most of the vitamin E that one normally purchases at a local store, grocery store, or even many health stores, are often made using a cheap, synthetic version of alpha-tocopherol.

Where can Tocotrienols be found?

By contrast Tocotrienols can be found in plant oils such as palm, rice bran oil, palm kernel oil, and coconut oil. Cereal grains like barley and rye, and vegetable oils such as canola, cottonseed, olive, peanut, safflower, soybean, and sunflower contain tocotrienols. Corn oil however, has the least amount of them all.

Some benefits of Tocotrienols

Tocotrienols may have antioxidant properties. They may reduce cholesterol, and they are maybe anti-carcinogenic, as well as immuno-modulatory in action. They also have hypolipidemic effects, and may inhibit breast cancer and other malignancies.

Further Benefits of Tocotrienols

First, tocotrienol is known as a potent antioxidant against lipid peroxidation…antioxidants are what help to neutralize free radicals (highly reactive chemical substances within the body) that may otherwise cause damage to bodily cells if they are left unchecked.

Many studies have shown that tocotrienols may help cardiovascular system health and improved functioning relating to this.

Let us show you an example; it may help prevent atherosclerosis, which is a hardening of the arteries that may eventually lead to greater plaque buildup, this has been known to trigger off heart disease and even heart attacks.

Studies have shown that tocotrienol can lower total cholesterol (by 8% in one such study) and even reduce LDL levels (this is known as the “bad cholesterol”).

Tocotrienols are also needed for the health of cellular membranes, which may help prevent blood clotting, protectones lungs against outside pollution, and can help with boosting immune function.

There are also more benefits of tocotrienol, although they are in no way concrete or confirmed, such as helping protect against types of cancer, in particular, breast cancer. These are more speculative because only animal, not human, subjects have been used…and some of them were only test tube studies, which in no way confirms the above, but it still may show promise as an aid in the future.

It will be interesting to see what future research has to say about the possible health implications for cancer and if this nutrient can serve as an aid.

Precautions should be taken when supplementing with tocotrienols. Any one, who is sensitive to them in any way, should avoid supplementation.

People taking Wafarin should take no more than 100mg daily, and their levels should be monitored by a doctor. Those who have had liver failure, and vitamin K deficiencies, should take no more than 100mg daily. Anyone with bleeding lesions (bleeding ulcers), hemorrhagic stroke, and inherited blood disorders, such as hemophilia, should also limit or avoid supplementation with tocotrienols. They should also not be taken at the same time as one is consuming processed foods that have nitrates or nitrites in them. There are no known adverse effects or information on overdoses currently available.

Because tocotrienol has anti-clotting properties, people taking anti-clotting medications or blood thinners should discuss with their physician before consuming a supplement containing the nutrient.
Woman who are pregnant or nursing are advised to always consult with a physician before consuming any new supplements of any kind.

Tips for Getting The best Benefits of Tocotrienol

1. Tocotrienol, like Vitamin E, is a fat-soluble nutrient. For this reason, avoid taking the vitamin on an empty stomach, if you do, the absorption of the nutrient will be poor and no where near as effective. A perfect complement to taking this kind of vitamin would be fish oil supplements; this is because fish oils contain the kind of fatty acids that will greatly enhance absorption.

2. The Recommended daily allowance is not currently set for this nutrient. Many experts’ say a dosage between 10mg to 50mg per day would give you the benefits of Tocotrienols that we are looking for. However, we need to remember that it is very important to take this nutrient with fats, and also, try to take the nutrient after a meal.

3. Make sure than you only purchase such supplements from pharmaceutical GMP compliant facilities. Studies have shown that consumers often only have a 1 in 5 chance of buying supplements that contain the ingredients that are stated on product labels. The studies have also found many supplements to contain dangerous contaminants that can impair your health.

Pharmaceutical GMP facilities comply with the most rigorous manufacturing standards currently possible, thus giving you the peace of mind you’re consuming what you actually paid for.

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