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Food. We can’t live without it. We take it for granted that what we eat will keep us healthy. However, over the years food has changed in such a way that nutrition is compromised. Enough so that in 2002 The Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) published a stunning report suggesting that all adults take vitamin supplements. Up until that time, it was widely assumed by the medical establishment that proper health could be maintained by a “balanced diet.”

To illustrate the lack of nutrition in our food today, we look back to our hunter-gatherer ancestors. They had at their disposal fruits and vegetables from over 100 different species, which they consumed yearly. In comparison, you and I are hard pressed to find a 100 different foods to eat per year, let alone fruits and vegetables from 100 different species.

Now, we all know the body is dependent on nutrition from the food we eat. It’s less well known, however, that what the body does with that nutrition depends on a sophisticated internal communications system; in other words, cellular communication.

Messages are sent and received throughout the body continuously, setting in place processes for the birth, repair, restoration and disposal of body cells. When there’s a breakdown in cellular communication, ill health is the result. Health professionals would call it a diseased state. This is not a belief or an opinion of a few well-intentioned people. It’s a valid, scientific fact that correct cellular communication is necessary in order for the body to function properly.

This is where glyconutrients step in. They are definitely not part of the never-ending “good carbs-bad carbs” debate–they’ve been available since 1996 and are indeed the “Good Guys.” They’re a blend of eight plant-based, natural, biological sugars that you add to your diet as a daily supplement. The significance of these eight simple sugars (carbohydrates) is that they’re not used for energy; instead, this combination of sugars provides nutrition the body uses for cellular communication.

One final note. Health begins with healthy cells. The importance of the nutrition that glyconutrients provides the body cannot be overstated. Take time to learn why proper cellular communication and glyconutrients are necessary for your good health.

Shirley Mesler is an independent researcher, providing health information and articles primarily for GlycoHealthService [] a web site developed and maintained since July 2002 by her and her husband. Here’s where you’ll get the straight talk about health. Read GHS Articles [] to find out more about good health, disease, immunity and homeostasis. Noticeably important is what some doctors have to say about health today.

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