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I am not able to recollect, who are you? Or sorry I forget you? Or where did I kept my car keys? Or sorry I forgot to bring your book? Or I am not able to remember what you told me that day? Or I forgot your birthday? Or Just slipped out of my mind……?

These are the most common phrases you must be experiencing many time everyday. What can you suggest out of these words? Surely the mare decrease in the memory and retention power or more majorly lack of concentration to remember things. All of our lives we keep saying these words to each other without even knowing that we actually are possessing symptoms of our carelessness and ignorance or some mental weakening. These are just the excuse of our ill mental performance.

But first I will explain you what is the memory?

Memory is the practice or retention, storage and recalling the past experiences and incidences that are allied with learning. With he help of learning one gains knowledge and the to apply this knowledge one needs this memory. Our brain in the organ that is involved in making memory available. Brain has two centers to store these knowledge these are short term memory and long term memory. Short term memories are associated with instant reactions, and are stored for a short duration of time. Long term memory or more commonly called the permanent memory is associated with concentration, focused approach and regular recurrence.

Coming back to the topic, here the question arises that is forgetfulness the sign if aging or memory loss. Well we really can’t ignore the truth of aging involved in decreased memory skills but the main culprit in these phrases is our lack of confidence, less concentrating power, carelessness, lifestyle and over confidence.

Below are the few tips by which you can be very much benefited by such problems.

1. Mental stimulation- for proper mental functioning proper mind stimulation is very essential. You can stimulate your brain by accepting new skills and activities, new kind of work is to be added to your daily routine, do things that excite you and new ideas are to be involved so as to activate the brain cells that have got atrophied due to lack of stimulation and same kind of stimulation to the brain cells again and again.

2. Proper nutrition – it is extremely important to have proper nutrients and supplements to avoid any kind of deficiencies occurring in our body. These can be achieved by having proper and balanced diet. One must be very particular about his or diet. A diet must contain proper distribution of fats, carbohydrates and proteins. The diet should also be full of vitamins and minerals. Diet also should be good in glucose (diabetic patient consult a dietitian) as glucose is supposed to be the brains food.

3. Social interaction – Humans need optimistic significant contacts with other humans. Lack of motivation from these types of connections can lead to misery and cause memory disorders. Unfortunately not every human connection is of this personality. In addition to your customary connections look for those with whom you can have optimistic and significant connections.

4. Breathing and relaxation – Breathing is an excellent way to get relaxed and it is necessary for existence. Breathing can be used to relax and calm oneself. By targeting on breathing one can facilitate to lessen stress and anxiety as these are the factors that can interfere with the memory and concentration.

5. Physical activities – The mind-body are inter-connected. Physical work out helps in promoting the mental alert ness and emotional growth. Workout is of many types. You should search out he best out the possible available that suits you and your temperament. But one thing should always be kept in mind that there should not be any physical strain on you body while indulging in physical activities. Regular involvement of your exercise should definitely improve your mental status.

6. Brahmi- the easiest way to enhance your memory and mental skills is by taking Mother Nature gift to mankind i.e. bacopa or brahmi. One of the biggest asserts to mankind is brahmi or more commonly known as Bacopa monnieri. Brahmi is traditionally a brain and nervine revitalize that helps in improving the mental condition and basic intelligence. Blessed with the benediction of ayurveda, bhrami is widely used in ayurvedic subsystem of medicine to assist in raising mental acuity and to support processes indulged in relaxation and peace of mind. Bacopa helps in rejuvenating brain tissues and cells thereby retarding the mental sickness and aging disorders. Studies have shown that by regular use of brahmi one can improves ones performance in mental skills, increase the intelligence level, promote longitivity, retards stress, improves concentration levels and betters the retention power. Bacopa has been widely used in preparing brain tonics and is the part of most prestigious brain supplement “Memocare”.

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