Goldenseal Root Supplement Information

Goldenseal Root

Goldenseal root is also known as yellow paint root, jaundice root, eye root, turmeric root, ground raspberry, etc. This plant is found in North America and its dried root and rhizome are used in the formation of goldenseal root supplement.

Goldenseal root was used by the Native Americans to treat many diseases such as eye inflammations and wounds.

How Goldenseal Root Works

Goldenseal root consists of two main alkaloids known as berberine and hydrastine. A small amount of canadine is also present. These ingredients have antibiotic activity and can be used for aiding in the reduction of disease inflicted ailments. This broad spectrum herb also contains minerals such as iron, manganese, calcium and some vitamins such as A, and E that are antioxidants.

Goldenseal Root Benefits

Today, scientific developments have improved the supplement form of goldenseal root that makes best use of its anti-inflammatory, astringent and antibiotic properties.

Goldenseal root can help aid the irritated mucous membrane, inflammation of eyes, nose and ears. In case of flu, if it is taken at the early stage it may help reduce symptoms. It also helps in promoting healthy, cleaner glands as it improves the digestive enzymes and bile flow. This action helps the liver and spleen perform better as well. It can help in reducing inflammation of ulcers in stomach and can aid the digestion process.

Goldenseal rot can also be used to enhance other herb’s potency. It can be combined with Echinacea in order to help fight off flu and cold. Medicines for menstrual disorder, rheumatism, urinary tract infection and muscle pain, also contain Goldenseal root.

Goldenseal Root Side Effects

The goldenseal root is generally believed to be safe, but it may cause some possible side effects, especially if large servings are taken. A couple of them can be diarrhea and nausea.

Goldenseal root supplement is a plant extract and the fresh plant should not be taken. It can cause respiratory problems and can irritate the mucous tissues.

It may be suggested that the supplement not be taken continuously and that usage should be discontinued after a three week period and continued after a brake of two weeks.
Goldenseal root supplement should not be taken by children, or pregnant and nursing women. People with diabetes, high blood pressure, or glaucoma should also avoid the use of goldenseal root.

Being an herb it may have other side effects.

Choosing a Goldenseal Root Supplement

Goldenseal root supplement is present in the market in many forms. The supplement that you should be looking for should contain alkaloids 8%-10% or hydrastine 5% as the active compound.

Goldenseal Root Supplement Usage:

Goldenseal root is also available as tinctures, capsules, tablets and whole root. The capsules and tablets usually have a 250-500 milligram serving and may be taken three times a day. Whole root servings taken by many people vary between 4-6 grams each day. The liquid form of goldenseal root is generally taken between 4 and 6 milliliter each day.

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