Sunburn First Aid With Tamanu Oil

Although we all know the inherent danger the sun poses to exposed skin, everyone occasionally forgets to apply sunscreen or it wears off with time or dips in the pool. Likewise, people often enjoy being out in the yard, yet do not realize they do not have adequate shade, until their skin starts to turn pink.

At first, it may not seem so bad. But, after a short time back in the house, the pain sets in, and the epidermis looks even redder than it did initially. You try all the tricks mom has taught you to relieve the discomfort. You go to the store and buy an assortment of topical remedies, and you are very careful to not let anyone touch you. However, all you need for sunburn first aid is tamanu oil.

Extracted from the sun-dried kernels of fruit grown in Southeast Asia, the oil has already proven to heal a myriad of skin related maladies. From dry skin to helping patients suffering from leprosy, it is a remarkable topical healing agent. Even people with third degree burns from boiling water accidents have testified to a speedy recovery, with no signs of scarring.

If it can heal a third degree burn, it certainly can take care of sunburn. Regardless of the type of assault on your skin, tamanu oil works the same way. It possesses anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory, anti-biotical, and antioxidant properties. Thus, it promotes rapid skin cell replacement. As new growth appears, the dead and damaged cells are shed, until only healthy cells remain.

However, the wonders of tamanu oil do not stop with relieving burns. The one-item first aid kit is also good for an assortment of illnesses like heatstroke, athlete’s foot, joint pain, arthritis, and even foot and body odor. Rubbed on the neck, it even provides relief for sore throats.

In addition, tamanu oil works as well as antibiotics in preventing infection in open wounds. Applied to the skin, wounds have healed faster, healthier, and with less scarring than traditional counterparts. Similarly, if you suffer from skin allergies or rashes, you can count on the miracle cure of nature coming to the rescue. The itching and burning discomfort is quickly eliminated as it prepares to heal and rejuvenate the skin. It even helps cure diaper rash.

The oil can even heal the pain and swelling of eczema and the scaly sore patches of psoriasis. Rubbing into the skin, people have even found relief for arthritis and rheumatism. From Grandma to a young infant, the natural first aid treatment can help every member of the family, at one time or another. Even teenagers will be grateful for the healing properties of this precious oil, when they realize it can even heal acne and promote healthy skin.

If the tropical treatment can miraculously heal all of these skin ailments and more, it is surely the only sunburn first aid you will ever need. So, if you suffer sunburn, you can start the healing process immediately, if you already have tamanu oil in your first aid kit for cuts, scrapes, and other health issues. Give your skin a fighting chance to form healthy cells and avoid the adverse affects of a day in the sun.

Tina Matsunaga is a freelance writer for home-based businesses, Internet marketers, and professionals around the world. She enjoys working at home while raising 2 children. She holds a BA in English and secondary education from Regis University.

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