Is It Possible to Lighten Skin and Age Spots?

The last time you saw Michael Jackson on your TV set did you happen to notice anything different about the color of his skin? Its not hard to see that it has become much whiter than it used to be and it was not until recent years that it was even possible to change the color of a persons skin.

The way that dark skin becomes whiter is by removing pigment from the skin of the person and this is just how Michael Jackson accomplished what he has done to his skin. The process by which this is actually done came about after years of research into the actual intrinsic biological functions of the skin itself.

Your skin has a biological process by which it naturally removes pigment that has accumulated in it and this why when a person tans, the tan will eventually go away. There are regulators in the skin that work in conjunction with this natural pigment removal process to regulate how much pigment stays and how much has to go.

This is why when a dark skinned person tans to a darker shade the tan will fade until they are back to their natural dark color. New skin treatment products contain active ingredients that are chemically engineered to penetrate below the skins surface to the substrate where they then function on a cellular level.

These newly developed substances trigger the skins natural process to remove excess pigment, just as it would when a tan is fading. Dark age spots appear, because the skins natural pigment removal function has failed and these new products work to stimulate your skin to remove the pigment that has accumulated in dark spots on the skin that have developed due to aging or sun exposure.

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