Can You Go Organic For Everything?

Organic meat. Organic vegetables. Organic pet food. Organic cosmetics. Organic moisturizer. Where does it end? Or rather, can everything be organic for your benefit?

The answer to this is quite tricky. It is an extremely general question, so let us focus first on skin care and cosmetics products, in which case the general answer is yes.

On the one hand, yes, you can find just about everything you need for your skin and beauty needs in the area of organic ingredients. Companies have formulated sunscreen with organic materials, products to help calm oily skin, ease dry skin, and prevent acne. Companies have worked overtime to bring you organic products, so the minute they figure it out, they bring it to you and let you do with it as you wish.

The catch is that you have to find legitimate companies for your organic needs. With few to no regulations on organic products, many places have gone overboard and smacked a label on an item that may have no organic ingredients at all, or maybe just one to make sure they cannot get in trouble for false claims or advertising.

There are groups out there who have banded together to help sort out the good companies from the false ones, doing what they can to help the baffled consumer pick out appropriate products. Even then you may have to do some research in order to make sure the group giving their stamp of approval to a company is legitimate in itself. It is a sad thing that in this world you have to do so much work yourself just to make sure if one small bottle of eye cream is good or if it is a joke, but it is necessary so you might as well understand what must be done on your part.

The second available answer is no. With organic products and asking this sort of question, do not be confused; different people have different ideas on what is organic and what is not. Some people consider a product made entirely out of organic ingredients to be organic. If there are any synthetics whatsoever in the product, then it is not. Overall, yes, products out there for all various uses can be organic, but that is only if you are willing to consider that these products will have other synthetics with them.

If you are seeking 100 percent organic products, then no, you will not have a very good chance at finding a great many. If you want to find an organic astringent, then just use cold water or straight witch hazel that has not been altered or chemically toyed with in any way. Otherwise, you will have to turn to a man made product, and many of these are going to have some synthetic organic ingredients in it. What constitutes as organic all depends upon your personal views, as there is no concrete organic definition that people and companies are willing to agree on.

You should not let this fact worry you. Should you be one of the people out there searching for complete and utter 100 percent organic products, then you would do well to simply look up recipes and make your own garden; here is wishing you luck with that. Synthetics are not necessarily bad for you.

In fact, many of them are more effective than the actual organic ingredients. Scientists these days are much more careful about their testing of new items and are sure to give out as much information possible; a bad product will catch the company and its employees a lot of flack, something the company definitely does not want. Synthetics combined with organics are meant to help your skin and make for better products, thus better results for you.

Know what you are looking for in a product and even if a product that has the majority of its ingredients made up of organics happens to contain a few synthetics, do not shy away. Instead, see what possibilities it may have, as they might be just what you were looking for.

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