Best Tips to Soften Nails

Has your nail ever broken off suddenly?

Sometimes, people suffer from brittle nails and undergo embarrassment due to uneven shapes. Although not a medical disease, this is a common feature in almost 25% of the population. The sign for such deficiencies in nails is that they break off or peel away at the free ends in horizontal strips. Exposure to repeated detergents, soaps, water and harsh chemicals as those found in polish removers may lead to such problems. There are many other reasons that can cause nails to peel like Psoriasis, alopecia, fungi infections, endocrine disorders and even malnutrition leads to such breakage in nails.

Malnutrition sometimes becomes the leading cause of it and deficiency of B complex affects the health. Taking supplements helps reduce such nails making then softer and nourished. While lack of Folic acid and Vitamin C leads to hang nails, deficiency of Omega 3 can lead cracks.

Women who use polish removers extensively have a higher chance of getting brittle nails as most polish removers have acetone which robs the nail of its moisture content leaving dull, dry looks, after contact. It is best to reduce the use of polish removers to once a week and touch up your nails during the week, if they tend to chip. There are many therapeutic cosmetic moisturizers that give temporary relief by preserving the moisture content in your nails.

One of the best ways to rehydrate your nails is to soak your fingertips in warm water and then dry them gently. Apply essential oils like Tea Tree oils diluted in avocado or almond oil, and rub the nails gently for a few minutes. Repeat this once or twice a week and you will notice that they are shiny and pink. Filing properly also helps reduce the breaking so always file gently and do not apply any pressure on the top. Use gentle herbal and organic oil based nail nourishments to keep your nail moisturized and healthy.

Sometimes, fungi growth inside cuticles also leads to nail breakages but using Tree oil applications inhibits bacterial and fungi growth. However, you should show it to a dermatologist, if this condition persists. So, if you suffer from brittle nails, avoid exposure to water, chemicals and acetone based polish removers. Use glass files to shape and moisturize your nails after exposure to water. Thus nail care is essential part of your grooming regimen.

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