Wearing a Corset

A corset draws attention to the sensual feminine curves of the human body. Most people wearing a corset use them to flatten bulges and shrink their waistline, and others use corsets as intimate play-wear. Whatever your reason for wearing a corset, knowing a little more about them boosts your self confidence, and helps you avoid making dangerous mistakes.

In order to size your corset correctly, you need to use a measuring tape to accurately measure your hips, waist and, depending on the style, your bust. For your waistline, subtract two to four inches from the actual measurement (depending on how much you want to tighten your waist). Make sure you write down those measurements to reference back when you’re shopping. You can find beautiful corsets at online stores such as Glamorose and Fredrick’s of Hollywood among others. If you feel really brave, going into physical shops provides you the benefit of having a knowledgeable clerk fit you correctly.

Now for a few words of caution concerning wearing corsets. When first starting out, do not wear a corset for more than two to six hours per day. Do not wear a corset to sleep. Do not wear a corset that is more than six inches smaller than your natural waist.

The reasons for these words of caution are simply that it’s dangerous. If you cannot sit, breath, stand, walk and move up and down stair comfortably, then you should discontinue use of a corset immediately. For minor discomfort, you can take breaks from wearing the corset, otherwise talk to your doctor if the discomfort persists after you’ve removed the corset.

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