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The plus size costume market has expanded substantially, with both online and offline stores increasing their numbers and variety. However, plus size wearers must select their outfits very carefully. It is not just the quality of the material that one needs to scrutinize but also the kind of look one wants to don. The attire must be such that it suits the theme of the party, while complementing your personality.

Guidelines to Follow while Selecting a Plus Size Costume

Here are a few factors one must ensure while selecting a plus size costume:

* Comfort level – This is important because your comfort level in the attire will affect your attitude and how you carry yourself. Size is the determining factor in this case. If you plan to purchase a costume from an offline store, you must try the dress before buying. In case you are buying from an online boutique, submit your current measurement details. Too tight a costume or a low cut one might cause great discomfort and also attract unwanted attention from onlookers. You can save yourself from embarrassment by making sure you buy a costume that fits you perfectly and accentuates the right contours.

Also, take the weather into consideration. If the costume is meant for Halloween, ensure that it provides you with enough warmth.

* Flattering wear – The costume that you select must flatter your shape. For example, emulating Marilyn Monroe who is famed for her hour glass figure or the fictitious Scarlett O’Hara who is known for her 19 inch waistline is not a good idea. Stepping out of one’s real character and role-playing an icon is fine as long as the costume you wear suits you. The right costume can make you look sexy. There are special plus size costumes that are designed for voluptuous women. Costumes such as that of a medieval serving wench or one of the queens of Alice in Wonderland would suit perfectly.

* Accessorize properly – Accessories are important features of a costume because they create the aura of the character you are imitating. They can make or break a look to a great extent. If you are dressed up as a Greek goddess, make sure that you wear a tiara and a pair of sandals to match the look. If you want to emulate the medieval figure of Death, make sure you are not wearing sneakers with traditional formal clothes.

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