One Hundred Years of Sexy Garters

Sexy garters are fast becoming a common item in the modern woman’s wardrobe, replacing the panty hose. Initially garters were worn to hold stockings up on a woman’s leg in order to keep them from slipping. The advent of elasticized stockings meant that garters were no longer a necessary piece of dressing item. Nowadays the garter is still a fashion wardrobe piece.

In contemporary weddings the bride wears a garter which is then removed by the groom after they are wed, and tossed among the male guests. The genesis of this practice dates back in history, where it was a coming out symbol. For an exotic themed wedding, a couple can decide to do the same during their wedding. After all, this presents the wedding couple and their guests an ideal way of creating unique and memorable moments.

For high school graduates, sexy garters are worn by the girl to use it as a keepsake. Usually this can be exchanged for the boy’s bow tie. This presents an ideal way of creating memories early in life. For proactive women, who are looking for innovative adventurous ways of spicing up their relations, sexy garters are great items. In fact, garters are increasingly being considered as a necessary item of one’s lingerie to an extent that some women would feel comfortable without them.

As a sensuous item, just what does the garter accomplish? Well, it breaks the monotony in the length of your legs, adding some fabric, color, and a little naughtiness too. Garters are available in different colors. However, one may have to choose the color that blends with other clothing that is being worn. To enhance the appeal one also should ensure that the decorations on the garter do not create too much detail, distracting attention from the other items worn.

Garters can be worn with any sexy costume and are usually made of silk sewn on elastic material. This helps ensure that it is well secured on the leg, and that it is comfortable. Further appeal to the garter is added by the beads or jewelry, rosettes and charms attached; hence giving it a flirty look. Small artificial flowers are also attached to the garter that has flower-stem holders. The bluebell flower is a silk flower that is increasingly being used as an alternative to synthetic flowers.

For a sparkly effect on the garters, one might try flowers that have rhinestones or crystals on the sexy garters.

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