Lingerie Football Styles

Check out the Lingerie Football styles. Lingerie football is one of the newest and fast growing sports. Female football players wear lingerie and play football. It seems to be most men’s fantasies to have football, women and lingerie together. The football seems serious enough for the players and they wear sexy outfits. In this economy, you need something to get the fans going.

Most of the players are tall, slender, muscular, and on the smaller cup size. Most are pretty. They wear bra and panty sets and play full contact football. They wear a soft cup bra that ties in a bow in the front and a clasp in the back. It is a plunge cut and many of the players wear pasties underneath. Most of the teams have lace around the top of the bra. The bras have bold colors and are not see-though. They are almost like a cross between a swimsuit and a bra- a bit boyish if you ask me. The bras seem to have little support and mostly there for style. The players are lucky that they are not well endowed. Otherwise, they would bounce all over and get tissue damage.

The bottoms are boyshorts. They have a straight line on top and low cut. The lower part rides up the back to show a little of the bottom. They have a bit of lace on the top and on the bottom.

The final piece of lingerie is the garter on the right leg. It appears to be there for appearance sake. For photos, the players add a bit of lace around their neck. They have a sexy look without being trashy.

For protection, the players wear a football helmet, knee and elbow pads, and heavy-duty shoulder pads. With their lingerie and padding these girls are ready to play.

The stands for the most part are men; however, you can find women in the stands. Some of the fans will wear lingerie themselves. The men get a bit crazy and some even paint bras on themselves.

Although the women choose to wear lingerie, they are quite competitive and take the game seriously. They have 10 teams and compete all over the country. Each team has 14 active players and 6 inactive players. They are all dressed or should I say partially undressed and ready to play.

Lingerie football fashions seem to work. The girls look sexy without being too risque. They are for the most part protected from injury. The fans and players alike seem to enjoy it. This sport is here to stay. Lingerie and football can go together.

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