Learn the Right Way to Wear Your Bra

There are issues such as health, comfort and appearance concern when selecting a bra. It is important to get the right bra as they are part of an important body appearance of a woman which boosts her confidence, beauty and sex appeal. However, women often choose the wrong bra or often wear old bras that do not fit well anymore. It is good to invest in expensive good quality bras that will last longer and keep your breast in good shape as they have better support. It will prevent your breast from sagging or dropping in future, it will also tend to make your look slimmer and having the right posture.

When you first buy a new bra make sure you adjust the straps to the maximum length and lean forward into the cups and rest your breasts into the supports. Then, hook the bra on the middle hook and put the straps on. Position it by slipping a hand into the cup and lifting the breast to avoid pinching of the breast tissue. Lastly, tighten the straps lightly without cutting the skin.

There are several signs that you need to be aware of which shows that your bra is not right for you. There could be red marks on your shoulders or your bra cup might be little too small for your breast which cause your breasts to forced over the top of the cup. If your bras front band is falling down, this may be due to the wrong bra size. Get the right cup size and style which could cover more than half of your breasts. Make sure the center of your bra touch the breastbone. The band provides almost 80% of the bras support so make sure it sit firmly against your body so that it does not ride up or move around too much. If your straps keep sliding or slipping out make sure you tighten your straps or choose racer-back or other styles to make things easier.

If you have small bust, try a balcony style bra which could enhanced neckline and show off lovely curly shape. You will also be surprised that half-cup bras also flatter a smaller bust. You could also add padding at the sides and under the bust to give maximum lift.

Large bust women need wider shoulder and back straps to give better support. Full-cups also give better appearance as well as under wire bras which give good support under the bust.

You could actually destroy your bra if you were it for too many days without washing it. Never wash your bra with hot water. Try to separate bras and other clothes as they can be tangled up easily. Never try to dry bras in heat dryers.

Never buy a bra without trying them on as they might not be suitable or fit your well. Get a lingerie lady consultation as they are well-experienced in the field and could help you pick the right bra according to your busts size and what you want.

Good Luck!

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