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While low rise jeans and pants of all varieties are very popular right now, there is one thing about them that most of us could do without. Every time we bend down or even sit down it seems that our panties come popping right out of our pants! Because of the low rise cut it is very easy for us to bare all, no matter where we are and how careful we are trying to be. Belts, contoured low rise jeans, nothing seems to help. Finally, it appears as though there is some help on the horizon. The Hugger Thong Wonderbra offers seems to be the answer to all of our problems with the low rise cut jeans that bare all.

The way that these panties really make the difference is that they are hip hugger style, just like the low rise jeans. Because the panties have the same cut as the low rise style jeans and slacks, nothing will be seen when you are wearing your favorite pair of low rise! This is good news, because now you won’t have to always buy shirts that will cover your back when you bend or sit down. You can still wear your favorite jeans and look and feel great about yourself without worrying about if your panties are sticking out or not!

The problem with thongs in the past is that they were typically cut very high to give a slimming effect to the hip and thigh area of most women. While this look was flattering, the Hugger Thong Wonderbra has introduced does away with the high cut and sharing the color and type of panty you like to wear with the world every time you move the wrong way! While this seems like a silly problem to buy special underwear for, most women will say without hesitation that they love the low rise jeans but they are not comfortable with their panties hanging out of their pants as they go about their daily business.

The Hugger Thong Wonderbra has introduced really will change the way we are able to live and move in our low rise jeans. Many believe that the trend of attempting to show your panties when you are wearing your low rise jeans will fade away, good riddance! This wasn’t a good trend to start with and was likely started due to necessity because the panties would show anyway, so we made it look as though that is what we were trying to do. While you should look and feel sexy in your low rise jeans and your panties, you should not feel like you have to advertise it to the world, either!

The Hugger Thong Wonderbra is also great because it is not all that expensive, which means you can buy several pair and look good in all of your low rise garments such as your jeans, your slacks, even the skirts that are being made with the low rise waist. You can also buy Hugger Thong Wonderbra sets so that your bra and your thong panties will match so that you look and feel as sexy as you want to. For those of us that like to coordinate our bra and panties, this is a good thing!

You can find the Hugger Thong Wonderbra in most lingerie shops right now, as well as on the Internet. You can bargain shop if you want to, but generally you’ll find that these hip hugger thongs are very affordable and worth any price that you have to pay for them because your jeans will not only look great, you’ll feel great in them!

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