Can Women’s Lingerie Be Sexy and Comfortable At The Same Time?

Can women’s lingerie really be sexy and comfortable? If you ask most women, they would probably opt for lingerie that offers some freedom of movement. Now, with the variety of options available, we can have our cake and eat it too, whether you are a size 6 or a size 20.

Lingerie comes from the French word “to lounge” or “laze about”. So, women’s lingerie serves two purposes. The first, is to make the woman look and feel attractive. The second , is to provide a comfortable “lounging” ensemble for the private domain.

If comfort was the only motive for women’s lingerie, then why not just throw on a cotton nightgown and be done with it? In more recent times, women’s lingerie has taken on a more racy connotation than in the past. Historically, it was not meant to be revealing or titillating (with the exception of certain arenas). For example, in Victorian times, women’s lingerie was an important part of the bridal trousseau. The elaborate nature of the bride’s dressing gown and the richness of the fabric was a status of wealth and prosperity. In this context, women’s lingerie was meant to be a celebration of femininity and of the transition from bride to wife.

With the advent of the burlesque tradition (particularly in later years when the art became strongly associated with the strip tease), women’s lingerie moved into the realm of fantasy. In the burlesque performance, women’s lingerie took on a sexual connotation, although this was hinted at and never overtly expressed. By wearing exotic ensembles of lingerie and outrageous costumes, burlesque performers fed into male fantasy and desire.

Today’s women are constantly on the go, so intimate apparel is not just for lounging or the voyeuristic pleasure of the opposite sex. Women’s lingerie provides freedom of movement. Nowadays, lingerie like bras, panties, slips and hosiery can provide breath-ability and wear-ability for women of all shapes and sizes. Even special occasion lingerie emphasizes the comfort factor. Exotic women’s lingerie such as corsets, bustiers and thongs can be found in reasonably comfortable styles. Of course, if you prefer lingerie in more elaborate get-ups, you can easily find what you are looking for either online or in a store.

Designers of women’s lingerie are now recognizing the fact that women do not want to squeeze and rend themselves into impossible shapes. A woman, no matter what her size or shape, can walk into a store and feel confident that she will find intimate apparel to suit her needs and taste. Lingerie is all about choice, as there are now a variety of options to choose from.

It is interesting to note that the variety of plus size women’s lingerie has virtually exploded. Whereas before, it was near impossible to find sexy women’s lingerie for curvier shapes, there are now several retailers who specifically cater to this segment of the population. While the image of the size four model is still the prevailing notion of beauty in the fashion world, curvier figures are also being recognized as attractive. Designers of lingerie are slowly but surely realizing that plus size women are a growing market for intimate apparel and rising to the challenge of accommodating fuller shapes.

Women’s lingerie is also about positive body image, confidence and self esteem. It is perfectly acceptable for a woman to wear lingerie “just because” and for no one else’s pleasure except her own. Lingerie designers are encouraging this confidence by creating real options for real women.

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