Bras: Must-Have Types in Your Wardrobe

Bras have evolved so much since they were first made in the 1920s. Back then their function was simply to support women’s breasts, but now it has expanded to give comfort to the wearers and to improve their look. The following suggests 6 bra types that every woman should have in their wardrobe.

Padded Bra

This type of bra has padding inside the cups. It is particularly useful to give volume to small-breasted women and to give additional support to large-breasted women. There are also stand alone bra pads inserts you can buy for bras without the built in bra pads. Although this type of bra is very useful, some common complains are the lack of breathability and the collection of sweat in the cup area during hot and humid weather. Luckily, there is a recent innovation that is designed for the breast skin to breathe better. These breathable bras – as they are commonly called – have perforations inside the padding that allow the bras to dry quickly. This consequently provides the wearer more comfort in addition to the support. That is why it is only wise to make sure that the padded bras you buy have this ventilated feature in the padding.

Push-Up Bra

Modern women need more function on bras than just support and comfort. Look is as important as these two to help boost their confidence. Therefore push-up bra comes second in the list of your must-have bras. The original idea of push-up bra is to give a lift on the breasts, especially of smaller size, and to bring them together in the middle so that they look more appealing and fuller. Many push-up bras contain padding. But what makes them different from the normal padded bras is that the padding is stuffed under the breasts towards the center so that the breasts are elevated and brought together. The area under the breast is usually the area that sweats the most so breathability should also be an important consideration here.

Convertible Bra

This type of bra has different detachable straps that can be repositioned or removed in accordance with the outer outfit. Whether you wear a backless dress or one with halter neck style, all you need to do is to choose the right straps to go with your outfit. A well-made convertible bra should be just as comfortable as your regular everyday bra.

U-Plunge Bra

This bra has a shape of the letter U on the front part. For women who enjoy wearing plunging neckline, U-plunge bra is a perfect choice to wear. The shape helps create an illusion as if you are not wearing anything underneath the plunging outfit.

Adhesive Bra

Also functioning to hide the bra look underneath your open clothes, adhesive bra applies the method of stick and peel. It is strapless and band-less, making it perfect to wear under backless or open shoulder outfit. There are only two subtypes for this kind; i.e. disposable paper adhesive bra and silicone adhesive bra. The first one uses a strong adhesive and is only good for one-time use while the latter is reusable and washable.

Sports bra

Women, particularly the active ones, will need at least one sports bra in their wardrobe. When performing sports – either they are low impact or high impact – breasts are exposed to harsher directional movements. These movements could cause damage on the soft chest tissues and over time they will only encourage the breasts to sag. Sports bra provides more support for the breasts to stay in place and reduce or even eliminate bounces during motion. With such firm support, sports bra is also famous to wear for those who just had breast surgical operation.

There are still many other types of bras. But these six will be enough to cover all your need in breast support, comfort and style. Some of them may not give a maximum support or comfort due to its design and material, but they will definitely save you from embarrassment of a peeping bra and give you the look you want.

Carla Ardian is a young, aspiring writer who especially concerns on women issues. At the moment she writes regularly for the Breeze Comfort.

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