Purchasing Loose Diamonds in Phoenix, Ariz

Purchasing loose diamonds in Phoenix, Arizona is a bit like purchasing diamonds in London, or Paris, or New York or, in fact anywhere.

One should have certain criteria to follow to ensure that the diamonds one is buying are exactly what one wants and are genuine and suitable.

Firstly, the more familiar with diamonds you are the better. Understanding what diamonds are, how they are graded and what to look for is important. Being able to talk to the dealer or jeweler sensibly about diamonds is important. Comprehensive information is available on the Price of Diamonds website to give a thorough grounding in all aspects of diamonds. What to look for, what is required, who to buy from and what the differences are between good quality diamonds and poor quality ones.

It is important to know exactly what you want in a diamond, the quality, size cut. What are you going to use it for? A ring, broach or pendant, for example. How many diamonds do you want? Having a clear idea in mind will help you to find the exact type of diamonds you in terms of color, clarity, size and weight, without wasting time with other diamonds or being sold something you don’t want!

Selecting a good dealer. Picking someone who knows about diamonds. This does not mean going to the mall to the jewelery chain and talking to a young girl who is there simply to sell cut price diamond jewelery in a bright sparkly store. It might mean ferreting out the main diamond dealer in your area and approaching them to find the diamond you are seeking.

Patience and persistence is the key here! Also due diligence and some common sense will go a long way to you being able to acquire the diamond you want.

Price wise it is a good idea to pick a stone that is Just under the half or full carat weight,. The price will be considerably less and the difference, in weight terms, is negligible. A diamond that is one point under a carat is still about a carat but can cost a few hundred dollars less than a full carat diamond.

So remember, if you are out purchasing loose diamonds in Phoenix, Arizona, you are doing exactly what thousands of other people are doing in every city of the world and how well you do will depend on how well you follow the tips above.

Further information on diamonds is available at http://priceofdiamonds.org.

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