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A pendant is many things, emotions and qualities encapsulated in one piece of ornament. It has always been one of the essential pieces of jewelery, worn from the days of caveman. Both men and women have adored and adorned a pendant which many a time meant anything or everything to them. Sometimes it is faith – in the shape of God or any religious symbol. Sometimes a pendant defines the persona or any particular personality trait. And sometimes a pendant is a symbol of love, one that remains close to the heart.

A pendant, more often than not, symbolizes something for the one wearing it. Sometimes it is the kind of mood or situation the person is in. For instance, when in a professional environment, you can put a pearl necklace with a big pearl pendant or something that looks sedate yet earnest. Sometimes it is a figment of one’s thoughts, tastes and preferences. Like when you go out with friends, you can express your artistic self with an ethnic pendant.

Pendant is also a wonderful symbol of love. It can be some hobby you follow passionately, for instance a guitar if you love music, a basketball or a golf club if you have a penchant for sports, or it can be your own name woven into a thread along your neck. It can also be the picture or name of someone whom you love. This is the best way you can express your emotions for someone, with a help of a pendant.

Apart from self expression, Pendants also make wonderful gifts. It is a very romantic way a husband surprises his wife. Besides, you can also gift beautiful pendants to your best friend on her birthday. A pendant will be the most cherished gift on Mother’s Day. Just one small piece of jewellery and you can imagine the power it holds and spreads all around the one wearing it.

Paul Shane cherishes a hobby of studying and collecting jewelery, to dig out the making and story behind them, especially the rare or exquisite ones, also the Pendants [] being used for manufacturing the jewelery. He also loves studying consumer behavior related to jewelery selecting and buying. At present he is associated with a leading group called E-Beads Limited.

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