New York Diamond District: Plentiful Diamonds in the Big Apple

Shopping in the New York diamond district can be an overwhelming experience. Being educated about what to expect will serve to your benefit. Before you venture on your trip to the diamond district, make sure to know as much as you can about the 4 Cs and engagement rings as possible. You will look like less of a patsy, or in plainer terms, someome who can be easily screwed over.

If you’re not a native New Yorker, then you may not know that the New York Diamond District is centered on West 47th street between Fifth and Sixth Avenue. It’s in close proximity to the Rockefeller Center and the Radio City Music Hall. And right in the heart of the district is The Gemological Institute of America (GIA), located at 580 Fifth Avenue.

Bargains are aplenty in the big apple. If you get a good deal, you may be paying as much as 50% less than what you’d pay at a major retail chain.

The diamond districts encompasses everything from ritzy storefronts to dingy booths. You will find more high-end stores on fifth avenue and less on sixth. Expect for aggressive salespeople to try and drag you into their store to look at their diamonds. For the best deals visit one of the 25 jewelry exchanges located in the district. The largest exchange is at 55 W. 47th St. Each exchange has up to 100 separate booths sellings their gems.

You need to be able to do some haggling over prices. If this idea makes you uncomfortable, bring along an assertive friend who has no qualms with bargaining for a better deal. Uncertified diamonds in jewelry wholesale exchanges may represent unique opportunities for bargains. Make a deal contingent upon a diamond being certified. Every exchange should have an expert on hand who can certify a diamond for a small fee. In the long run, this will actually help you save hundreds of dollars.

Go into as many stores as you can and do as much comparison shopping as possible. You will start to get a feel over time for what you can get for your money. In other words, don’t settle on the first attractive, affordable diamond you see.

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