Hiphop Rap And Diamond Earrings – A Bling Affair

Now, more than ever, hiphop/rap and diamonds are making perfect music together. More and more hiphop and rap artists are making their own fashion statements and making their presence felt everywhere they go with new, larger and highly expensive “bling blings” – those shiny, precious gem-encrusted accessories that will surely get anybody’s attention. Undeniably, “bling blings” are in and are indispensable part of a hiphop/rap artist’s total appearance. Among the favorite accessories are diamond earrings that can cost up to millions of dollars.

Three of the hiphop community’s superstars known to love and wear diamond earrings are controversial producer/artist/fashion designer Sean “P. Diddy” Combs, rapper/producer Paul Wall and Wall’s childhood friend, rapper Chamillionaire.

Combs, dubbed as the “Bad Boy for Life” and known for his penchant for luxury and glamour, wears a diamond stud earring all the time. He also bought two pairs of diamond earrings for his twin baby girls just a few weeks after they were born. P. Diddy also gave ex-girlfriend actress/singer Jennifer Lopez several pieces of jewelry including diamond earrings from top jewelry store Tiffany. The flamboyant millionaire, who runs the Sean John Combs clothing line, is also regarded a fashion trendsetter. Fans usually imitate their idol’s style and we need not be surprised if they also purchase diamond earrings to complete the “P. Diddy” look. Paul Wall, on the other hand, known for his “grills” (those diamond encrusted teeth jackets) is usually seen wearing a huge diamond earring on his left ear. In fact, in his official website’s main page, you can’t help but notice his diamond earring as it reflects so much brilliant light! Meanwhile, 2006 Bet HipHop Awards’ Rookie of the Year and Grammy Award recipient Chamillionaire, best known for his hit single “Ridin'”, sports a pair of diamond earrings on both ears. Scan pictures of this celebrity online and you can be sure he has those costly pieces attached to his ears. Of course, female hiphop superstars like Mary J. Blige and Lil’ Kim often wear different types of diamond earrings, from drop diamonds to diamond chandeliers to flashy hoops.

The fondness for diamond earrings do not rest with the big named celebrities, though. Up-and-coming artist Brooke Hogan, daughter of popular wrestler Hulk Hogan and part of the VH1 reality show “Hogan Knows Best”, is often photographed wearing diamond earrings. Even street musicians or “ghetto” superstar wannabes also wear their own “bling bling” diamond earrings, albeit of lesser cost and possibly weaker clarity and cut. Nonetheless, one can deduce that diamond earrings and other “bling blings” have become quite an indispensable fashion accessory for hiphop and rap musicians worldwide. Indeed diamonds are here to stay and will always remain as part of any celebrity’s jewelry collection.

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