Give the Perfect Gift to Your Wife, Give Her a Pearl

A special occasion may be coming soon. It might be your anniversary, her birthday or Christmas. As a loving and devoted husband, you only want to give the perfect gift to your wife on that special day.

Nothing should stop you from showing your love and affection through the gift that you will give your wife. She deserves only the best. She deserves nothing less of the most valuable piece that she can have as a remembrance of your special day.

So do not hesitate to give her the most special gift. Give her a pearl and it will surely show how much she means to you.

The Pearl Jewelry

The pearl is a perfect gift to your beloved wife in many ways. It has various characteristics that make it stand out from the others.

1. Precious Ones

Pearls are some of the most wonderful creations of nature. A single pearl has too much history in it. There are many oysters in the sea but only a number of them will be able to produce pearls.

An oyster can be entered by foreign elements like dirt or sand. Once it settled inside the shells, the oyster will then cover it with coating or nacre. This continues as time passes by until a pearl is fully formed.

This event is the determining factor that makes a pearl very rare and expensive.

2. Each Pearl Is Unique

As illustrated above, a single pearl requires considerable amount of time to develop once chance allowed an oyster to grow one. Thus, a single pearl is very special.

Even the very name of the pearl actually stands for a Latin word that means unique.

No two pearls will ever be the same. Each pearl will have its own distinct characteristics and story. This can very much symbolize the feelings you have for your wife and she will definitely appreciate it.

3. A Pearl Is Timeless

For centuries already, pearl has been one of the most valuable pieces of gem stone that civilizations treasured. They have inherent value that makes them more valuable to the eyes of a woman who receives one as a gift.

They are also timeless because they never seem to get out of style. It is always safe to sport a pearl.

4. Flexible Pearls

Pearls are also very flexible. They can be worn on casual occasions to the dressier ones. The more elegant types can even be matched to ordinary clothes to make them look more classy and stylish.

Buying the Perfect Pearl for Your Beloved Wife

Deciding to get a pearl is an easy task considering the many good qualities a pearl possesses. However, buying one will also require some amount of dedication on your part to get the perfect item.

1. Cultured Pearls or Real Pearls

Cultured pearls are more common as they grow from pearl farms. These are pearls grown where humans interfered so that foreign substances will be introduced to the oysters.

They are more affordable compared to the real pearls as they are not as rare as the latter.

2. Pearl Shapes

You may also want to pick a variation of pearl according to its shape that will best suit the personality of your wife. The round pearls are very traditional.

They are perfect for weddings. They also look great as a pearl necklace or even as a simple stud earring.

There are rice-shaped ones and the oval type that is shaped like an egg. The coin button and mabe pearls are flat on their one side while the coin pearl is flat on its two sides.

Then there is also the baroque pearl that is irregularly shaped that no two pieces will have the same contours.

3. Pearl Colors

Pearls can also have various colors that will give you leeway in choosing. There is white, peach, black and pink. These are the usual colors to expect from the genuine ones.

Be careful of other pearls that have different colors, they may turn out as fakes, as mere fashion jewelry.

4. Pearl Sizes

The sizes of the pearl also vary. There are smaller ones. The larger they get in millimeter size, the more expensive they get.


With these data at hand, you can never go wrong in picking the perfect gift for your wife on your special day.

So take your time out to find the perfect one. Your wife deserves it. The pearl is the best choice to show your affection.

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