Diamond Are a Girls Best Friend


There is an old saying that diamonds are a girl’s best friend. That still makes a lot of sense. Diamonds are the perfect gift for that special woman in your life. Nothing will light up a woman’s face quicker than opening that jewelry box and finding a dazzling stone set in gold or platinum inside.

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend because they are beautiful. Fiery, romantic diamonds light up a woman’s finger and make her the center of attention. Everyone will look and comment on how large and beautiful it is. They will compliment the man that bought it for her as being a keeper. White diamonds are versatile to look beautiful with outfits of and shade and color.

Diamonds are forever. Everything you can buy will either die or fade over time. The beauty of a diamond is eternal. Diamonds are hard almost indestructible stones. It takes a diamond to cut a diamond. They will not break nor will the fade.

Diamonds are beautiful and precious. Real diamonds are rare, natural stones. Most diamonds that women love are the highest quality diamonds. Women look at the quality of diamond and only want the best.

Diamonds equal romance. When a man is proposing to his love with a diamond worth two months of his salary, it symbolizes the sacrifice he is willing to make for love. She will remember this sacrifice every time she sees that diamond on her finger.

Diamonds are also a symbol that a man can provide for his love in a very direct way. Today men do not go out and hunt for animals to feed the family; instead they go out and bring in the money to support the family. Women feel secured and loved when they are taken care of. Women often look to marry a rich man. This is a man who can provide for them financially over time. If a man can not afford to give her diamonds, then he can not provide for her daily needs and for any future children.

Women love diamonds because they are practical. A kiss will not pay the bills. A rose isn’t going to pay for her rental. A diamond can be a life saver in a crisis. A single diamond can be sold for enough money to pay for bills when times get tough.

Diamonds are a girl’s insurance policy. Diamonds are better than any regular insurance on paper. She can hold and see a diamond. She can wear them. They are a symbol that even when she gets old, and loses her beauty and attraction the diamonds would still be with her. A collection of diamond jewelry can assure a woman that if she were in dire need for cash, a piece of diamond jewelry could be sold, or pawned for much needed cash. Diamonds are a girl’s solid insurance policy.

What are you waiting for? Buy your woman a diamond today. She will love you for it now and for years to come. It is a commitment and a statement of love that you have in your heart for her.

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