Cubic Zirconia Fashion Rings Making a Big Color Splash This Season

If you love color in your jewelry wardrobe (and what woman doesn’t?), spring and summer are the perfect time to shine. Speaking of shine, there’s no better way to sparkle than with the world’s finest diamond simulant. Cubic zirconia is an affordable alternative to genuine gemstones and provides a bold look for your hard-earned buck.

At Almost Diamonds, a popular online website dedicated to offering fine sterling silver and cubic zirconia jewelry, color is everywhere. Fashion rings, which offer trendy styles in the hottest colors of the season, are the perfect accent for any outfit. A wide selection of bold cubic zirconia rings are available in simulated blue topaz and other colors of the rainbow.

Fashion rings are simply those that feature a popular trend. When you pick up a magazine or watch an entertainment segment on current fashion, you will see color. It’s everywhere. This time of year is perfect for gemstones featuring blue, pink, purple and other colors that remind us of the beauty that only spring and summer can provide. As the flowers begin to bloom and the images of a new season are all around, it’s time to spruce up your wardrobe with color.

Of course, a piece of jewelry doesn’t have to have color in order to be fashionable. Many of the world’s most famous designs are replicated in flawless white cubic zirconia. Rather than paying a fortune for genuine diamonds, many women enjoy the same look for a lot less loot. Because sterling silver is a less expensive metal than white gold or platinum and cubic zirconia is an affordable alternative to the real gemstones, you will get the best of both worlds when you choose a sterling silver and cubic zirconia accessory.

So, just what is hot this summer? Aside from the sun, there’s plenty of heat in the sizzling trends of the season. As always, certain images of spring and summer remain a hot pick, including any piece of jewelry that features a dolphin, the sun, a sailboat, butterfly, palm tree and lady bug. Charm bracelets remain popular because, without the clutter of gloves and a winter coat, the charms can move freely and be seen by all. Cubic zirconia jewelry featuring a clover is always in style and gives the wearer a sense of luck. Because clovers are commonly found during the warmer seasons, it’s the perfect time of year to be both fashionable and lucky when it comes to your jewelry.

If you want to complete your look, consider a cubic zirconia and sterling silver ankle bracelet. Almost Diamonds offers a choice of fashionable decorations that can adorn any ankle in style. A number of designs are available in adjustable lengths, which makes them even more versatile for every buyer. Whether you prefer to wear an anklet just above your ankle bone or prefer that it rests comfortably at the base of your ankle, the choice is yours. There’s nothing better than a little sparkle to pull together any spring or summer wardrobe. A pretty pair of sandals and your favorite dress will really shine with the addition of an anklet.

In conclusion, don’t be afraid to add some color to your jewelry wardrobe. If you commonly go for the neutral tones, start out with something blue. Specifically, cubic zirconia designed to imitate blue topaz in a bold ring or pendant. This flattering shade is perfect because it may remind you of a bright blue sky, the clear waters of the Caribbean ocean or maybe it matches the color of your eyes. Once you become accustomed to the color craze, you’ll never leave home without it.

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