What Really Is The Best Hair Loss Treatment For Me?

This may come as a surprise but just because a person you know or you have read about has had success in a particular medication or remedy in regrowing hair does not necessarily mean it could be the remedy for you.

Researching the best treatment for your particular circumstance will help you identify which medication or remedy will help you find the best treatment.

Female hair loss.

I’ll start out with the gender of females. It really doesn’t matter whether the gender is female or male the most common reason for hair loss is genetics. I know that you’ve read many articles that try to identify the root cause but you really should investigate your family history. If you’re like me, I like to think I create my own destiny in life. Well when it comes to your body, nature has a way of having its own course. If you are experiencing hair problems then find out from your family tree if anyone has experienced the same symptoms as you have.

Somewhere along the ancestry line you have a relative that has had hair loss and have had to cope with it. Find that out and you are own your way to getting yourself a remedy, for yourself and future generations. Think about that? You could actually help your future relatives in combating hair problems. Think yourself as a hero and that could be enough motivation to keep the course and keep researching until you find a remedy.

Best treatment plan for females.

Well the best treatment really depends on whether you want to go the surgical route or the non-surgical route. The surgical route includes hair transplantation with a number of different methods there. There are a variety of methods of remedies in the non-surgical route method. The choice you make may depend on your financial condition since the surgical route is a bit more expensive or the non-surgical route where you go and purchase FDA approved medicine that has been tested and known to regrow hair. If you go on medication and still want to hide your thinning hair you can certainly opt for hair extensions that are available on the market today. Hair extensions are a popular alternative where you can select from either synthetic or real human hair pieces.

But now we have to address the best treatment plan for males.

Once again as stated previously the most common cause of hair loss for men and women is genetics. That is why the history of the family is so important to understand in order to find a remedy or cure. One little known fact when researching the family tree is to not limit you to the male side of the family tree, also look at the mothers side of the family tree. DNA covers both sides of the family and a lot of people discount that fact and that just might be the key to understanding the root cause.

Solutions available for men.

There are basically the same solution set for males as for females. Surgical or non-surgical treatments could be considered as alternatives for fighting off loss of hair. There are hair transplantation, scalp reduction, and medicinal alternatives that men can use and try based on an expert opinion.

Where to get expert opinions?

Finding a physician that you can trust and has results that prove his worth can sometimes be a daunting task. But the research involved in finding a physician who specializes in hair loss is worth the time and effort. You can initially look on the internet for physicians specializing in hair loss or you can look in forums where doctors give their opinion as well. You probably can ask people who have tried recommended prescriptions by these physicians and ask them for results.

In any case research is the most basic ingredient in finding an expert opinion that is worth the effort.

In coming back to the basic question of what really is the best hair treatment depends on your circumstances. Are they temporary or permanent? What’s are your financial capabilities? Can you afford to go the surgical route or not? Depending on the severity of the hair loss may determine that you only need a cosmetic remedy but that answer is really dependent on the physician that you have selected and what he or she recommends.

Never give up looking for a solution for your hair because the best hair treatment for you just may be just around the corner.

There is constant research in the field of hair loss so you know that there are conscientious people out there really studying and trying to figure out how best to combat this disease.

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