Various Hair Loss Treatment UK Choices

The occurrence of hair loss is due to a number of reasons. But the most common hair loss factor is heredity. When people are suffering from hair loss, the genes and hormones in their body produce a shrinking effect on the hair follicles, causing them to become incapable of growing new hair. There are many types of hair loss treatment UK products that give you a better alternative. Below are a number of treatment options you can choose from.


You can acquire hair loss treatment UK drugs over the counter or by prescription. The two in this category are propecia and minoxidil. Propecia is a medical breakthrough that can stop and reverse hair loss in males. It is used the world over for its efficacy in stopping and reversing hair loss. Clinical studies have shown that propecia prevented loss of hair in more than 80% of occurrences, while regrowth was noted in 64% of cases. Minoxidil was initially used as a medication for blood pressure. But then it was discovered that it had the capability of slowing down or reversing the process of hair loss. When administered as a lotion directly to a bald area, it can cause hair to grow again. Using minoxidil with a 2% concentration was found to have positive results. It is proven that continued use of the product resulted to thicker hair. When used together with propecia, minoxidil becomes more effective.

Commercial and Natural Treatments

Other options for hair loss treatment UK include the commercial and the natural ones. The most effective ones are those that offer guarantees of reducing excessive hair loss within one week and can be used as standalone products. Some hair loss treatment UK products even have gone through numerous scientific tests.

Hair Transplant

An alternative to hair loss treatment UK is hair transplant. This cosmetic hair loss treatment is increasingly becoming the most popular choice for a lot of men. Micro grafting, a procedure that utilizes small plug grafts, produces the best results when it comes to appearance. The latest methods involved in the method also make a good hair transplant hard to distinguish.

Hair Concealers

Hair concealers are considered the safest and simplest to use among all other options. When properly applied, these hair loss treatment UK products can produce remarkable results. Here are the different types of hair concealers:

· Solid – These are hard-packed, colored powder hair concealers that cover and thicken the hair, but do not block the pores or affect the growth of hair. These products are safe for daily wear as they allow the skin to breathe freely.

· Sprays – The hair concealers that come in spray form feature ingredients that help to thicken hair of people suffering from hair loss.

· Particles – These products provide a safe and natural way to improve the appearance associated with thinning hair. Application is done by holding the container over the thinning area on the head and shaking it gently. The container has thousands of tiny color-matched hair fibers in it that when shaken are transferred to the head. These particles are then intertwined with the hair on the scalp. The hair fibers are charged with static electricity so the bond stays secure even under harsh weather elements.

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