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In our time you don’t have to be in your older years to start seeing a loss of hair, even some in their teen years are going through this. Going bald is an option thanks to a few natural remedies that will each act as a treatment for loss of hair. Like any problem in the world, to solve it you must identify the cause. So with hair loss this is necessary in order to regrow your hair.

Baldness usually takes place due to various occurrences in the body. Chronic illnesses, prescription medications, lack of nutrients, and even low blood circulation in the scalp can lead to a loss of your hair.

The leading reason why most men or to specific, 60% of them get bald, is due to the hormone dihydrotestosterone (DHT). It binds to hair follicle cells and weakens them till they die. If you have a receding hair line, this is more than likely why. To combat this problem, head to your local vitamin or herb shop and pick up some saw palmetto.

Be sure to take 1,500 mg of it daily. It will halt the production of DHT in your body and is considered by many dermatologists to be the number one natural treatment for loss of hair.

Green tea is also a treatment for hair loss . Just drink 3 or 4 cups of it daily or if you want a more easier way to get a daily supply of this herb, it’s also available in a capsule. Include certain vitamins in your diet as well. The family of B-vitamins are perhaps some of the best vitamins for the treatment of hair loss. Biotin is one of them.

Biotin works like “hair food” and will feed your follicles with what they need to help you end baldness fast.

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