Medication Vs Herbal Remedy on Hair Loss


Being aware of the wrong information about hair loss cure would be the first thing you need to know to have an effective treatment. This will help you in avoiding those wrong information, so that, you would not try using those information. There some useful facts that you need to learn for more effective hair loss treatment.

It’s been studied that almost 95% of this cases needed treatment are cause by genes and hormones. Most of the causes of the this problem are genetically sensitive to the hormone DHT that causes hair loss.

To some male this would not be considered as infectious and hostile disease but it will be a concern to many men in the whole world. We all know that hair can determine one’s sense of style, personality, and character. Losing hair means losing a part of your personality and as a solution to this problem is trying herbal remedy for hair loss.

There are a lot of options you can try other than a herbal remedy. You can actually try hair and scalp surgery or you can ask some expert recommendation regarding on how to treat hair loss. You might be given a medication and some surgery process, these options are okay but there is also some natural remedy that would make sense.

Undergoing surgery for this problem is quite effective but it would be expensive. And not all people who suffer this problem can undergo surgery. For old patient it would not be necessary to go under surgery, there are some other reasons why some people will not qualify to go on a surgery. If you will try medication, this may be possible but as we all know medication may have a lot of side effects and may cause you a lot of trouble and it may not help you treat hair loss.

Effective remedy should not be expensive as surgery and it should not provide some side effects. But there are some solutions to this problem, the advantage of being safe and affordable. If you will choose herbal remedy for hair loss you can have these advantages, these usually contain natural herbs and nutrients that can give extra nutritional support to your scalp and hair.

And there are a lot of herbal remedies that you can try, and some are just homemade remedies, if you will just be resourceful enough, you can try some kitchen products in your house. You can try applying lavender and almond oil that can help reduce it. Massaging your scalp will increase the flow of blood on your scalp.

Having a daily exercise is also one of the natural remedy that you can try. Giving your self a time to relax to lessen the stress from a daily work can also add up in decreasing hair loss, this would be helpful for those people who have hair loss due to stress. Good herbal remedies that full of nutrients will also a good option in treating a hair loss.

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