Laser Hair Removal: Impact of Skin Colour

For hordes of people around the world looking for a permanent hair removal solution, Laser hair removal has become nothing less than a boon from the heavens. Laser hair removal is capable of augmenting one’s attractiveness and personality through enhancing skin tone and clarity. Unwanted hair is not a new problem in itself, but the solutions to removing unwanted hair are changing everyday. And of all technologies available today, laser hair removal sure carries a lot of promise for being an effective permanent hair removal solution.

In reading this article, we assume that you are not a complete stranger to laser hair removal and have a brief idea of what the procedure entails. At that point, you will need to evaluate if hair removal by laser is something that you are suited for. One criterion that needs to be evaluated is the color of your skin and hair and how it can impact the laser hair removal treatment. Light skin color is best suited for this treatment as it makes the entry of the laser at the skin surface easier and can react more positively. This enhanced productivity of laser treatment for hair removal on light skin implies that the number of treatment sessions and the related cost-thereof is lower than otherwise. For darker skin however, the treatment takes proportionally longer more in time of a single session as well as the total number of sessions required. The laser treatment itself is a little more delicate operation than usual and hence will require sufficient skill and equipment capability for darker skin.

We strongly advise you therefore, that you customize the laser hair removal treatment for you by consulting your clinic specialist based on the kind of skin that you have of which the color is one important ingredient. A preliminary assessment of past skin reactions, allergies, current medication (especially for pregnant women) is mandatory before one can choose to use this wonderful treatment. Better to be safe than sure!

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