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3 months ago while shopping around I noticed a very interesting thing, which was that there were many people suffering with hair loss. What shocked me even more was that these people were young. That really worried me because I started to feel as though I may be next, and I need to ensure that I did not find my self in a similar position, so I decided to get some information on the topic, to help me and all friends try and avoid being victims to this, in the prime of out lives when we are totally caught up with our appearance. So here are some of things that I came up with.

I always assumed hair loss was associated to old balding men, but that assumption is not accurate as there is also female hair loss.

Apparently hair loss is a normal bodily process that everyone goes through each day at a rate of approximately.50 -100 head hairs a day.

Don’t be alarmed these do grow back usually in the same follicle on your head. However if you are losing more than that then it is time to sound the alarms , you are in some trouble.

So you may ask “how would I know if I am losing more that normal amount?” It is not like you are going around each day counting how much is lost. Well, if you do fall in this category then you will be considered as having alopecia, which is a medical term which describes when a person has visibly thin or balding patches.

Now there are a lot of scientific explanations which I read about, but I definitely would not go into detail with them because, well it just does not make sense to me, I am just going to keep it simple.

Causes of Hair Loss

Hair treatments/styling- Now this factor I can totally identify with and I know is the primary reason, why young people experience hair loss.

* When your hair is chemically treated, by bleaching, coloring, perm etc it can damage the hair and may make the hair break or fall out .This is usually temporary hair loss.

* Hair styling however can be of a more permanent nature as it can develop traction alopecia which occurs when the hair is pulled so tightly that it places tension on the scalp.

Now I can testify for both the former and that latter, I use to have a perm, and I colored and bleached my hair often, and I experience so much hair loss at age 19 that I cut off all my hair ,to get a fresh start. However, now I have dread locks, and I have seen some of my friends who also have dreadlocks, complain about their hair line receding and that there hair seems sparse. When maintaining and styling dreadlocks there is a lot of pulling to the scalp so it is quite easy to loose hair with person with this hair type.

Poor nutrition- Our hair is made of a type of protein called keratin, and therefore if the body needs to get enough protein, vitamins, and minerals to sustain hair growth. Nutrition is important because the hair and nails are usually the last parts of the body to receive the nutrients obtained from food therefore if the proper meals are not eaten then the hair suffer.

* This can be seen with person with eating disorders such as anorexia and bulimia as they usually lose their hair.

* Vegetarians can also lose their hair if they do not get enough protein from non meat sources.

* Low Serum Iron

Male-pattern baldness -Now this occurs particularly in older men however it can start in the mid -teen years.Male hair loss can be caused by a combination of factors.

* Hormones called androgens and genetics.

* Guys who take steroids like testosterone to build their bodies.

Illnesses or medical conditions

* Uncontrolled diabetes or thyroid disease

* Kidney, liver diseases and lupus


* Acne medicines

* Diet pills that contain amphetamines

* Chemotherapy drugs

Cause of female hair loss

* Birth Control Pills

* polycystic ovary syndrome

Alopecia Areata -hair usually falls out, resulting in smooth, found patches about the size of a coin.

Hair Pulling (Trichotillomania)

Can we stop hair loss?

In most cases it cannot be stopped however certain steps can be taken to deal with the problem, whether it is by the use of permanent or temporary products

For more information on what are the methods and products which can be used you can visit

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