Finding a Natural Cure For Hair Loss Could Take Some Time


Losing your hair? You’re not alone, many people struggle with losing their hair and they seek a cure, how ever there is no natural cure for hair loss, only treatments. In this article I’m going to explain why you cannot cure hair loss but can stop it and then regrow the hair you’ve lost, as well as give an idea of how long you can expect to wait for results.

Treat Not Cure

The only effective cure for losing your hair is to have a transplant. Let’s face it that’s not really fun for anyone, it hurts and it’s expensive. How ever there are quite a few natural hair loss treatments you can use, and depending on the product stimulate regrowth of some of the hair you’ve lost.

Most of these products work the same way, they block DHT from reaching the scalp which is the hormone that slows the growth stage of our hair. Once this hormone is blocked you will stop losing your hair. How ever this doesn’t always mean you will see regrowth of the hair you lost.

Stop Then Regrow

Once top losing hair you can begin to concentrate on regrowth. DHT blockers that stop your hair from falling out may supply some nutrients to the scalp to simulate dormant hair follicles, if not you will need either a hair loss supplement or some form of topical treatment that is designed to stimulate hair growth.

How Long Does it Take?

From the time you start using a natural cure for hair loss to the time you see no more hair falling out will probably be a couple of months. Most treatment products suggest you try their treatment for at least that long to determine if it’s working for you or not.

The regrowth stage can take longer. I’d expect to wait about 6 months before you see any significant regrowth in areas that you’ve lost hair. Also keep in mind that your hair must still be in the growth phase in order to experience regrowth at all.

If you have a completely bald area on your scalp, unless it’s recently gone bald you most likely won’t be able to achieve any regrowth.

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