Coping With Hair Loss

Hair loss is a problem that affects a large number of males and also a number of females. It can be a devastating problem to cope with which can have some very negiative effects on your self esteem. With that in mind, we’ll discuss some hair loss solutions in this article to help you with your problem.

One of the most commonly employed methods of keeping hair loss to a minimum is the use of prescription drugs. Two of the most commonly prescribed drugs, and consequently, the only two that have been approved by the FDA to deal with hair loss are Rogaine and Propecia. Rogaine is a topical treatment that you apply to the scalp, aiding the growth of hair and helping to slow hair loss. Propecia is a pill that is designed to help keep your hair count high as well; often, doctors recommend that both products be employed for the most efficient hair loss prevention solution.

Another option for coping with hair loss is hair restoration surgery. In this practice, surgeons remove strips of hair from the back and the sides of the head and place them on the top of the head, allowing for permanent growing hair in your affected area. Surgery can be quite expensive but the results are long-lasting and very natural looking. It’s your own hair – it grows just as it would if it was still on the back of your head. For those who don’t have the finances to get hair replacement surgery, nonsurgical replacement options are often considered. There are many types of wigs and toupees available which can accent your natural look for a short-term solution to hiding your hair loss problem.

It’s important to note that one shouldn’t get overly optimistic about any types of hair loss cures advertised on the internet or elsewhere; only two solutions, Rogaine and Propecia, have ever been approved by the FDA. If some wonder-cure for hair loss were to come out, it would definitely make the front page of the newspapers. Unregulated websites may offer quick solutions, but as unfortunate as it may be, they are likely pulling a con.

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