Gold or Silver – Which Makes The Best Fashion Sense?


Glamorous party clothes return with Fall and Winter’s high fashion collections. Metallics are big in both clothing and accessories. That means gold and silver are back, in jewelry, bags, shoes and even dresses, skirts and tops.

Which would look better on you, gold or silver or does it matter in the first place?

It all depends on your skin tone, hair and eye color. Yes, everyone can wear any color but not every color suits everyone. Some people look better in cool colors while others look better in warm colors. It all has to do with your coloring.

If you have black hair, black eyes and olive skin, cool colors would be better for you. If you have a golden tan and golden highlights in your hair, warm colors might make you look better.

If you look carefully, skin comes in many shades. If yellow undertones predominate, you would look better in warm colors like peach, coral, browns, brick and gold. If blue undertones predominate, you would look better in cool colors like blue, black, watermelon, fuschia and silver.

Hold a white paper under your wrist and look at your skin. Does it have some bluish undertones or golden undertones.

If you can’t tell, take a royal blue t-shirt or scarve and an orange t-shirt or scarve. Hold the blue one against your face and look in the mirror. Then hold the orange one against your face and look. Which color makes you look better?

If blue looks better on you, then you have cool skin tones and silver is your metal of choice. If orange looks better on you, then your skin tone is warm and gold should be your choice.

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