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Perhaps the most widely known designer label, the Christian Dior brand owes its name to the legendary French fashion designer Christian Dior. Born into a wealthy family involved in manufacturing fertilizer and chemicals, the young Christian always had a taste for arts.

Christian Dior entered the field of arts by opening an art gallery, which even had collections of masters like Pablo Picasso. Following some personal losses, he had to close this down but soon fell ill. Post recovery, he started to make a living by drawing sketches for designs. Though he was happy being shadowed by the proprietor he sketched designs for, a wealthy business man by the name Marcel Boussac spotted his talent and gave him all the opportunities to bring to light his ample talent.

In the year 1947, Christian Dior showcased to the public his first ever collection of about ninety dresses, which were to be worn by six women. This show created ripples in the fashion circles and he was credited to have brought beauty back to feminity after the early 1930s.

With long and fabulous dresses being designed, Christian had far too many critics who declared his creations as awfully wasteful. The British government had even banned his creations. They were however surprised when Princess Margaret had a special showing for herself. Having loved the creations, it did not take much time for the queen’s liking to popularize Christian and his designs.

There was no looking back since then. Christian Dior used fabric in luxury and had given multiple layers to most of his creations. He replaced the stiffeners with roundness and brought in asymmetry to women’s clothing. He used bright colours and good textiles and fused them with revolutionary designs. Over the next decade, the Christian Dior collection grew more famous and popular.

Dior also showed interest in perfumes, stockings, furs and lipsticks. He opened stores and was able to bring his creations to the masses. France soon became famous for his series of women wear.

His death in 1957 did little to fade the name of the company. His assistant Yves St Lauren took on the mantle and carried forward the name and business successfully. Today, thanks to all that, Christian Dior remains a name untouched by the fierce competitors.

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