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Donna loved to make money. After graduating from high school, the woman decided to open a store that sold bracelets and necklaces. Business for the first few months was great but when other vendors did the same, the sales was slipping.

Something had to be done to improve the sales. After going to a trade expo over the weekend, this entrepreneur decided to sell a new product as part of the expansion phase. Home made perfumes were going to be introduced because this was another thing that teens wanted.

Donna knew that teenagers could not afford those offered by big names brands. Some scouting needed to be done so that a steady supplier of these items can be delivered with this person making money after putting a mark up.

There were not that many home made perfume makers in the newspaper. The next best place to check will be the Internet. After typing in some keywords, a list of possible suppliers appeared on screen.

After getting the contact number and details, Donna visited each to know more about what is available and to test it.

Donna noticed that many of these suppliers had the same scent with one another. This was perhaps because the same ingredients and production process were used in making these mixes.

Since Donna wasn’t sure if it would sell, only 50 bottles were initially purchased. The behavior of the market will determine if this was a good investment.

Two hours after opening the store, some loyal customer decided to drop buy and check out the new arrivals. These people noticed that perfume was available and tried it. Satisfied with the scent, four bottles were purchased which continued on for the rest of the week.

Seeing that the gamble paid off, Donna went back to the supplier to get more fragrances. These came in four variants so a hundred of each was purchased. Though the other kinds were not tested before, this person felt there was a potential and could just offer a promo if these were not salable.

Since more money can be made if this was produced rather than ordered from a supplier, Donna decided to learn more about this and started experimenting. The first few attempts were not that successful.

Two weeks later, Donna was able to produce the concoctions that were previously bought from the supplier. Since the other vendors saw the potential, these business owners also followed suit.

The edge Donna had over the others was that this was being produced at home which meant more profit for this entrepreneur. Since everyone will eventually be carrying the same items, this person went another step forward by creating new variants.

This kept the small business alive while others closed down because of poor performance. Later on, the other vendors in the area wanted these goods. This is when Donna decided to abandon the store and concentrate on making the home made perfumes in mass production.

A laboratory is not needed when making home made perfumes. This is because it just takes some effort in stirring and shaking to make these readily available.

By learning from those who do this first then slowly producing it, the entrepreneur can be like Donna selling these successfully to other vendors and making a huge profit.

Sheila Hensen and Scott Ford, hobbyists and freelance writers for the perfume industry, have combined to bring together the best tips on making your own perfumes at home for fun and profit: Check it out at: [http://makeperfumes.com/tips.html]

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