What Perfume Should You Wear?

It’s quite interesting that a woman’s scent says a lot about them. It can some what describe a personality or even what a woman likes. Of course it’s not always accurate, but the scent does mean something about you. There are so many perfumes out there and if you wear it the right way, it can really become part of you.

Smell is one of the most recognizable things we can recount. Scent can make someone fall in love with them and even make one remember someone or something. If you want to stand out with a scent that everyone remembers, you can read about some of the best perfumes on the market in this article.

The first on my list goes to Acqua Di Gio by Giorgio Armani. Of course, it’s to no surprise that Giorgio is making one of the best perfumes. This scent was created in 1995 and has been one of the top sellers since. They created a smooth sweet scent with a combination of musk and a floral scent. You won’t forget this smell when you come across it.

It’s very easy to find this perfume in any department store. You can even find it in pharmacies and of course any Giorgio Armani store. Many websites online carry it, including Amazon.com which sells it for $57.65 for a 3.4 oz bottle. All the reviews rave about this perfume and I agree with them!

This list would be off if I didn’t include Amor Amor by Cacharel. If you want to give off some sex appeal, this is a great option. There’s a combination of vanilla, jasmine and black currants and they really go well together.

Amor Amor can be found in any beauty supply store, department store and online. This is in a similar price range to Acqua Di Gio and can be found on Amazon for $55 for 3.4 oz. This bottle also has a sexy look with its deep red glass bottle

Burberry Sport is almost impossible to forget about. This smell is forever imprinted in the back of my head and when you come across it, you’ll see why! This perfume is made with honeysuckle, magnolia, ginger, cedar wood and sea salt. Now you can see why it’s so unique!

The bottle really stands out and will make you feel great when you’re applying it. It’s simple, yet elegant. This perfume is a bit pricey, but it’s heavily discounted on Amazon. For $40.95 you can score a 1.7 oz bottle.

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