Waking Up Dry, Not Drenched Helps Janet Get Her Groove Back


Consider Janet of Shawnigan Lake, BC.

For seven years she endured sleepless nights caused by an annoying cycle of sweating, waking up soaking wet and cold, having to get up to change her nightgown up to four times a night! When Janet came into Bare Essentials Lingerie in Mill Bay, BC she happened to be looking at the Wicking J Sleepwear display when it was explained to her the benefits of this fabric, created to wick away moisture from the body. Still somewhat skeptical, she bought a nightgown to try it out. A couple of days later, in comes Janet with a smile on her face and a spring in her step, “It works! It feels so great to finally get a good night’s sleep!”. So happy was she, that she bought another style in a different colour that very day.

The unique, patented fabric looks and feels like cotton but it is not; it is a cutting edge micro denier synthetic fabric developed specifically to wick away moisture from the skin. Light and wrinkle free, Wicking J Sleepwear dries quickly, making it perfect for “bathroom sink washes” while travelling. Lots of styles, too – several styles of gowns, capri pajamas, full length pajamas and short sets. Don’t use fabric softener when washing, though, as that coats the fibres and blocks the wicking properties. If you accidentally do use fabric softener, just wash them again – no problem.

Thank goodness we have such great products to choose from that can help us to relieve some of the discomfort associated with fluctuating hormones, or medications that cause night sweats. Pretty hard to function without a good nights sleep. Just ask Janet (or Marilyn, or Donna, or Erica…..).

Wicking J Sleepwear is available at Bare Essentials Lingerie, Mill Bay BC (Vancouver Island) or at the online store [http://www.specialtylingerie.ca]

Barbara Sherman

Bare Essentials Lingerie

121-2720 Mill Bay Rd Mill Bay BC Canada


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