The Importance Of Moisturizing

The age of your skin has no bearing on whether you should moisturize. Even women in their 20s should us a good moisturizer to keep their skin young and supple for many years, and of course to help stave off those wrinkles.

Dry skin can occur at any age. When your skin is dry it is unable to retain enough moisture. Dry skin results in flaking, red blotchy patches, and it may be itchy. There are many causes of dry skin ranging from cold dry air especially in the winter months, to medication you are taking, to hormones.

Research has also shown that yo-yo dieting can cause severe stretches to skin resulting in lost elasticity. This can cause the face to wrinkle and sag prematurely. Sun tanning is also known for causing premature aging and wrinkling of the skin.

Experts believe the skin is a smart organ that has a memory. That is why some people have crows feet around the eyes from squinting or smile wrinkles from smiling. If the face forms a specific expression over time, the skin remembers and automatically folds to that form. So stop frowning!!

Women are under the misconception that if the skin is dry it need oil. Actually what it needs is water or moisture to rejuvenate it. That’s why too much cleaning can do more damage than good. The best time to apply moisturizer is on damp skin. It then traps the moisture between the cream and the skin so it can be absorbed.

The best moisturizer is really dependent on your skin type. There are plenty of products to choose from all claiming to make you look younger. However there is no research available to actually determine which creams work or don’t work. There is no question some are better than others but don’t believe for a moment that because it cost more it’s superior.

The best moisturizers are non-comedogenic, non-greasy and non-irritating formulation that contains a superior system of emollients and natural ingredients to nourish the skin.

So don’t wait until your 40 or 50 to start moisturizing. Rather start young and keep those laugh lines and fine wrinkles at bay. Be good to your skin and it will reward you with years of youthful healthy looking skin!

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