Mineral Makeup: Give Your Face A Treat

My wife holds a cosmetology license and spends a considerable time keeping up with the latest trends in the cosmetic industry. She attends the local beauty supply store at least every week and is required to attend ongoing training classes. When I recently came across an article on mineral makeup, and I thought I’d spotted something first. Assuming a negative response, I asked her if she’d ever heard of it.

Instead she began telling me more information than I can remember all about mineral cosmetics. As it turns out, this is one of the hottest sellers at the beauty supply store — they can’t seem to keep enough on the shelves.

This makes sense. I would imagine the natural cosmetics industry to follow along with the popularity of the organic and whole foods market. But why is mineral makeup becoming so popular? Well, women love it for two main reasons.

For starters, mineral cosmetics aren’t composed of the traditional gunk of over-the counter makeup. Most cosmetics are manufactured synthetically and are thus composed of unnatural chemicals. A woman’s complexion typically suffers as a result. It then becomes an endless cycle: women must wear an increasing amount of makeup to cover up the blemishes caused by the previous application.

Secondly, mineral makeup actually looks better. Now it is hard to prove this scientifically, but my wife — along with countless other women — swear that a woman’s complexion resembles that of airbrushed model when wearing mineral makeup. Yes, these minerals are much healthier for the skin. But the real draw is the brilliant beauty that results from these natural substances.

Many companies have begun manufacturing mineral cosmetics. One thing you will soon discover is these are priced noticeably higher than traditional makeup. More and more women are willing to pay the premium to protect and beautify their faces.

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