LB500s Hair Removal Laser – Advanced Hair Removal Comes Home


It’s inexpensive, simple to operate, and safe. It is so user-friendly; in fact, it takes the laser hair removal treatment process out of the hands of professional practitioners and puts it in your own. It is the LB500s hair removal laser, and it is the most recent advance in the technological elimination of excessive body hair.

LB500s Hair Removal laser machines require only 200mW of electricity to stop the growth of unwanted hair, and ah numerous features especially designed for home use.

Each LB500s Hair Removal laser unit includes safety equipment, a laser emission power control and a timer. Its high frequency laser has been tested for safety and causes no side effects. The units are lightweight, compact, and portable, and designed to effectively remove hair from nearly all the areas of the body, including the face, bikini line, arms, and legs.

The LB Hair Removal laser machine removes unwanted hairs more quickly and easily than traditional methods, like waxing, shaving, and depilatory use. Unlike those, it is both convenient and comfortable, and will be effective on small sections of hair in a single treatment. It will remove only as much hair as is necessary, and an added benefit is that it leaves the treated skin exceptionally soft by causing the pores to constrict.

The LB500s, because of its portability, can be used in any appropriate location, and will pay for itself in terms of the money its users can save instead of receiving laser hair removal treatment at clinics or salons.

LB500s Hair Removal Laser Precautions

Whenever laser technology is being used, there are precautions which must be observed. One should never allow his or her eyes to be exposed to the laser light, and the laser should be moved in a circular pattern over the area of the skin being treated, to minimize the chance of burning. The LB500s Hair Removal laser is most effective on short hair. To speed and improve its results, consider shaving the part of the body from which you want to eliminate hair before you begin.

Both prior to, and after completing, your treatment, place an icepack or cold compress on the skin to cool it. If you want to remove hair from an area which is difficult for you to reach, ask someone else to control the laser. Minor “snaps” of pain are normal with the application of each laser pulse; they should be bearable.

Those considering a purchase of the LB500s Hair Removal laser [] can visit a local dealer to learn more, or direct their questions to the friend of acquaintance from whom they learned about the machine.

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