Ladies Shoes Mania

While most men have an obsession for supercars and sports ranging from football to basket, from soccer to baseball, women have only one: shoes. Women just adore shoes, and no one has ever really understood why they all have such an adoration for the above-mentioned. I will try to explain the bit I managed to understand.

One reason why ladies love shoes is because they usually have so many that they can change them at least once a day. And the reason why they have so many is that, usually, great looking shoes are not comfortable and vice versa. So apparently there is no way a woman can have comfortable, great looking shoes. Wrong! In fact, to make up for the sadness of not having both features on one pair of shoes, they buy both! And this is why they have so many.

The main reason why they love ladies shoes (especially high heels) is because those give a different look to their outfit; in fact, the right pair of shoes can make a normal outfit look gorgeous, and vice versa. This is why they need to have almost a pair to go with each different outfit. High heels can make women look skinnier and taller, and can make their legs look longer and thinner.

The most famous dilemma about ladies shoes is whether to buy expensive designer shoes or cheap ones. In fact, if you go for the cheap ones you can buy many of them and in different colours and styles, while if you opt for designer shoes you will have to shop few pairs, but exactly the ones you wanted, otherwise it would be a waste of money. However, designer shoes are usually made with the best materials, which will make them last longer; moreover, the more they spent for those shoes, the more they will care about them, so they will last even longer. However, women, who are born shoppers, are often able to find excellent deals, such as half priced designer shoes, or just huge discounts. In fact, it is important to know exactly where and when to shop, but we all know women are more than experienced in this.

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