Which Anti Aging Vitamin Works?

There are all kinds of nutritional supplements on the market and a host of different manufacturers. In fact, many of these makers have discovered a new way to sell more of their products, especially when it comes to vitamins. Now you can buy an anti aging vitamin. But is there any difference ? Do they work ? And which is best ?

For years, vitamins have been promoted to help young adults develop and mature properly and with marketing departments looking to increase profits, we now see these same products are now being marketed as anti aging vitamin formulas. You can see where it might be hard to understand how any anti aging vitamin could actually turn back time. It’s a billion dollar industry but is there any real scientific evidence to back these claims up ?

Will taking an anti aging vitamin provide you with more energy, keep you mentally alert, and keep your skin looking healthy ? The answer would be yes. It might even have your skin looking younger. But does it actually turn back time ? The answer is likely not.

That said – there are many benefits to any vitamin formula whether it is an anti aging vitamin or not. Free radicals care a major player in aging. They come from several different sources and they are a natural by product that occurs from the body breaking down food and turning it into energy. This also occurs from smoking, stress, pollution, and the sun.

An anti aging vitamin should contain antioxidants that will neutralize and bind free radicals. If the formula is advertised as an anti aging vitamin, and it isn’t packed with antioxidants than it isn’t so. It should contain higher dosages of Vitamins E, D, C, A, and even CoQ10.

Any vitamin formula including the anti aging vitamin should also include the family of B vitamins because they reduce stress which causes free radicals. Omega 3 fatty acids, fish oils, and even flaxseed are also good additions to the formula because they increase overall health and mental performance.

Any anti aging vitamin formula that is worth the price asked will have these components to the formula. If these ingredients aren’t part of the formula then you are likely paying for a slick ad campaign that has little real substance as far as aging goes. And since baby boomers are eager to remain young and healthy they are more likely to part with their hard-earned money in hopes of doing something to slow the process down.

There is no anti aging vitamin on the market that’s going to make time stand still. There are formulas that can help keep you healthier and feeling younger as the years go by. Read labels carefully and make sure what is being sold as an anti aging vitamin is just that.

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