Silicon, The Amazing Anti-Aging Treasure

Silicon is a much overlooked trace element whose main function is to enhance the condition of certain body tissues such as bones, skin, brain, and blood vessels. It is needed for a healthy bone structure, normal growth, and the production of the connective tissue collagen, making it important for healthy nails, skin, hair and bones. That pretty much covers the gamut of the human body.

Louis Pasteur himself predicted that silicon would be an important aspect in the therapeutic treatment of many tissue diseases. Researchers and scientists have since then went on to show that what Pasteur envisioned is becoming fact.

In today’s world of healthy aging remedies and gimmicks, this trace element, once assumed to be importance to animal life, is now showing its worth as a true, natural, anti-aging health product. Some of the deficiency symptoms are skin wrinkles, thinning or loss of hair, poor bone development and soft or brittle nails.

Silicon is not readily assimilated through natural food sources, although the supplement, Horsetail, has been known to be one of the highest natural sources of silicon. However, studies done on the absorption and retention of silicon through diet shows that about 41% of the silicon ingested is lost through the process of natural daily elimination. So the question is, given on the fact that silicon is proving to be so vital to healthy bones, skin, blood vessels, and hairs, how does one get an optimum level of silicon into their body and keep it there? Very possibly, it would be eating more of the foods that are high in silicon content such as: flaxseed, steel cut oats, almonds, peanuts, sunflower seeds, onions, alfalfa, fresh fruit, brewers yeast, unrefined grains of high fiber content, root vegetables for just some.

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