Anti Aging Skin Care Tips

Although aging is a natural and irreversible process, steps can be taken to delay the signs of aging. Our skin is a delicate tissue, which gets easily damaged due to environmental pollution, harsh sunlight or due to exposure to strong chemicals. Our face acts as the first indicator of our age, and so it is very vital to avoid wrinkles and skin damage on our facial skin. Although anti-wrinkle creams can help in hiding the wrinkles, but what is actually required to delay the onset and severity of the aging process is a combination of healthy diet, anti aging treatment and a lifestyle change.

Our skin is a living and breathing tissue, not just a non-living layer covering our body. So, to keep it healthy, we need to keep it clean, nourish it with moisturizers and protect it from the harsh sun. Here are some ways to prevent the skin from aging.

Sunrays Protection — Owing to the harmful ultraviolet rays, sunlight has a lot of damaging effect on the skin. Therefore, it is necessary to apply a good sunscreen lotion not only on the face, but also on the neck, arms, and hands, at least half a hour before you go out into the sun.

Daily Regimen — One must make it a habit to cleanse and scrub the face with a suitable cleanser, apply suitable toners and moisturizers that suit your skin type. Applying skin rejuvenators containing vitamin A derivatives such a retinol or Retinyl Palmitate, or chemical exfoliates such as an alpha hydroxyl acid (AHA) or beta hydroxyl acid (BHA) products is absolutely necessary. It is also advisable to include an antioxidant (such as products containing Vitamin C Ester, Spin Trap, or CoQ10) to combat the skin damaging free radicals as well as to encourage overall skin repair.

Diet and Food — The quality of our skin reflects the kind of food we take. It is necessary to take adequate water / fluids and a vitamin rich balanced diet.

Lifestyle Issues — Exercise improves the blood circulation to the skin and nourishes it better and improves its elasticity. Therefore, daily workout is necessary for a clear and healthy skin. It is advisable to quit smoking and any other habits which harm the skin.

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